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Once and for all, smoking with sinus infection

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NeverOddOrEven., Sep 29, 2010.

  1. My sinuses are irritated and I think I may have an infection. I googled it and looked around a lot but can't get a straight answer, if I smoke will it further irritate my sinuses and make the illness worse? Can I smoke just half a blunt without negative effects?
  2. I have a sinus problem at the moment and i stilll toke with no ill side effects
    herb= medicine for most things.
  3. you sure of this? cause i just find it hard to believe that combusted smoke going through my already irritated dried up passages would make it worse
  4. No, i'm not a doctor but i speak from personal experience. Try to hold your nose when you toke, stick a clip on it or something haha
  5. whenever i toke when im congested it usually makes it seem like a bigger deal, but that could just be the high "enhancing" it.
  6. I just had a fucked up sinus for the past couple of days it was so stuffy, when i got high i compelety forgot about it though and didnt feel it. Just try it out :smoke:
  7. the thing is im not just stuffy. i can feel mucus build up and it blocks my hearing, this happens every few seconds. also if i am able to blow my nose brown and blood will come out, so this isn't just a cold. Thats why I'm questioning whether to smoke or not so much
  8. Heres a crazy idea. Ask your doctor?
  9. I dont have one
  10. I'm totally-baked-bro.:)
  11. Ya go to a walk in if your that sick man, i thought you just meant like a cold/ stuffy nose. If its bleeding and infected get a presciption from a walk in.
  12. i wouldnt suggest a blunt, the tobacco will probably irritate it.

    i smoked when i had a sinus infection and it went away. that might just be a coincidence though.
  13. got a sore throat and a sinus infection and when im high its non existant... toke away :D:smoke:
  14. I had a sinus infection a few months ago and I kept toking no ill effects

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