Once again, stuck glass joint

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  1. So I got this stopper stuck in this carbon adapter. I got spares so no biggie. It's a fancy Roor stopper now haha. Anyways, I've tried everything. Tapping, heating the outside while cooling the inside, and penetrating oil.

    If anybody has any ideas then LMK otherwise I'm either going to keep using this as a pretty cleaning plug until I take it to a glassblower.

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  2. Freeze it. It is probably water locked, freeze the water and there's no more liquid suction. We have to do that to glass test tube stoppers. If it is legitimately stuck GonG not water locked, constant pulling, slow steady pressure pulling it apart, not small sprints of twisting/pulling. Making it warm increases the size of the glass, not a good thing.
  3. twist and pull man
  4. This happened to me the other day with my oil dome for the first time.

    I basically just held the stuck joint clenched in my fist for 10 minutes or so and kept very slowly trying to twist it the whole time until it finally just popped loose.
  5. Tried freezing. Been gently pulling at it in a bored going through the motions type manner for a while. Think my tendonitis is acting up with all this pulling and twisting. This thing isn't budging.
  6. For some reason I am really good at fixing things like this. I just twist and pull. A friend of mine had a slide stuck in his downstem for months and couldn't get it out and I got it out in like 5 min. Try using some type of fabric to gain friction. Denim works pretty well.

    I miss my Roor carbon filter :(

  7. I miss mine too haha. I'm actually fairly fed up with this one now haha. I figure it's nice looking enough to keep as an ornament/stopper.

    The DD ones on etsy sound like such a nice design change and I wouldn't have searched that out if I didn't get this one stuck :D. Definitely going to pick up one of those.
  8. wobbiling back and forth usually does the trick for me

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