once again another bubbles thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. :D OK im very drunk...and i wanted to say no matter what the city goes too i will love you guys and gals...damn did anyone watch that reds game last night? i was there i can resize my photos or i would post some pics..boy was i drunk off TEKILLA :p ...ok ima go look on dopewars to kick some ass...:wave: :bolt:
  2. [​IMG]

    MANG, its early to be drunk.
  3. You're drunk in Ohio at this time!?
    My god, are you an alchoholic? :p

  4. Dude its 12:00 in LA, what is it in ohio, like 2?
  5. its 3 10 over here...hey you gotta punish your liver...hhehe:D

  6. Beat it to its death bubbles, hmmmmm whiskey
  7. yes i will :D..yes yes yes...joe walsh nothing better
  8. i try to look away but i can resist I LIKE BIG TITS...joe walsh.............there they come..im about to robo trip ill report back later
  9. what the hell else is there to do in ohio man, seriously, may as well get drunk as hell
  10. excautly...getting some weed tomorow after my drug test :D...then smoking a bowl or two or three and rolling a fat fat fat fat fat joint for 420
  11. This thread must not die!!! Bubbles, we need madness here!

  12. haha right dude only one way to get it done.

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