Once-a-lifetime! Help me celebrate!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Let'smoke, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Hiya City :wave:
    So, I'm here celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime event here for me on the city. This will never happen again for me, so let's mark the occasion with style!

    This post is actually a wee bit late but what the hell, a celebration's a celebration, right?

    I was all set to party with some of my quality homegrown last night:


    However, a friend dropped in so we just chilled with that.

    So, naturally, I had to go even bigger with my celebratory roll:


    This is the biggest blunt I've ever rolled (godfathers don't count) and it shouldn't hurt that it's all dank ;). Toke'n Girl and I are about to spark it up now (maybe I can convince her to hang out here more).

    Anyways, when you figure out why I'm celebrating, roast one for ol' Let'Smoke and wish me well, won't you?

    Peace :D:wave::smoking:
  2. im really happy for you, and imma let you finish. but my homegrown that got stolen was the best homegrown of ALL TIME!
  3. How much did you have?
  4. nice weeddd
  5. You lol'd me, sir.
  6. I don't understand, you're celebrating the fact that you're smoking dro?
    I burn kush blunts all the time, haha.
  7. Um, I'm sorry?

    Dunno 'cause I'm drawing out the drying / curing process. I jarred at least 22g though and I reckon I've got 4-5 zips off this baby, 2-3 off her sister. It's a bit clusterfucked but check out the journal in my sig.

    TheRealPurp - Ty, sir.

    LOL, not really but I may as well be, the harvest was kind of a big deal and today was as good a day as any to really smoke a bunch of it in one sitting. I'm strictly a gravity bong kinda guy, for the efficiency.

    I just love being enigmatic so I'll highlight again that
    and say that you should look over here:
  8. Were you celebrating 420 posts?
  9. ^Uh-oh! I think this guy pulled a Sherlock Holmes!

    I was gonna guess you knocked up your girlfriend:eek:
  10. Ohhhh, did you grow this stuff hombre?

  11. this caught me by surprise.

    i lol'd, sir.:hello:
  12. :smoke: +Rep

    Oh, I get it, the latest meme.
  13. Congratulations. More on the homegrown than the posts, but either way, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  14. LOL kanye west

  15. He's a jackass...
  16. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

    That was the best rolled up blunt I've ever seen!!!


    I want to learn the ways of rolling a perfect blunt.

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