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  1. I left my house at about 12:30 am and met my friend at an elementary school near my house. He got a ride with some random dude who turned out to be pretty cool. We climbed on top of the 2 story school, cause were that awesome, and started hittin a bong. And after we got fucking ripped and sketched out about being on a roof, we got in the dudes car who parked fucking rediculously far away. About that time, we realized that we left his keys on the fucking roof. So i was nominated to go back and get them. I was shittin bricks the whole time goin back because i heard sirens and shit. But i hauled ass and got the keys and we went and picked up some random black dude. And then me and my friend got dropped off at his house and we took the bong back in the woods to a cliff and smoked again. We walk back to his apartment and we find out that he left his door key on the fucking roof of the school. And then we decided to walk 2 miles to the gas station to get some drinks cause we had the cottons like mad. And we get there and its fucking closed, so we walk to the mcdonalds drive thru and beg for a dr pepper and we got one and it was amazing. Then we walk all the way to the school and get the keys and find my sac that i lost. After that, he walked home and i went back to my house and crawled my ass in the bed. I got home about 4:45 am.
  2. Glad you got your sack back, but I wouldn't reccommend tokin' near a school, not to mention at 12:30 a.m., not to mention on the roof, and not to mention with a bong.
  3. Haha that is bomb dude. I also toke up on top of this school there is the first story then there is a 2nd that has a ladder to go up on it and one day we got done toking bongs on the 2nd story and as i was going down the ladder my foot slipped and i fell like 10 feet straight on my back lol. The roof is a really good place to toke because there are so many ways we can get away if anyone comes up on it, and you can see cops coming down the road from the roof.
  4. This made me laugh so hard for some reason I just have to give you a +rep.

    Funny story but still a pretty stupid idea, the penalties of getting caught are escalated so much that close to a school. At least you got away fine!
  5. lol good point.
  6. you wouldve been fucked if somebody caught you
  7. Yep. Laws completely change once you're on school grounds. You would have been fucked getting caught there.
  8. This whole thread is ridiculous.
  9. Lol, "that close"..... I think he was pretty close, being on it an all :D
  10. Your face is ridiculous. :rolleyes:
  11. You sure as hell lose alot of shit..

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