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  1. Have decided to switch to 12/12 today, and the plant is already too tall. Does it matter if the plant stretches? Can't afford any more lights, using compact fluro x 3 (about 5800 lm). Any suggestions for action which don't cost me much / anything?

    The plant started stretching when I moved it to a new location, better hidden away but somehow the same lights I had before aren't enough.

    Only my first real stab at indoor growing, so will save buying an HPS for attempt 2. Still learning, and if I get 1 bowl from this grow it'll be the sweetest yet....



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  2. hey dude from the looks of that plant {being fairly bushy } and looks strong you should get at least an ounce off of it..as long if it's a female...all my big plants in my hydro were males but they were heat stressed for the first 3 weeks of growing...unless you have a lot more room for that plant to get taller you should flower you should go ahead and switch lighting to 12/12..a plant under floro's can stretch a great deal under flowering...good luck plant looks very good.
  3. don't know if this is just stupid, but I got to thinking, if normal incandesant bulbs won't help a plant grow, does it matter if normal bulb light is let in to the grow room during the dark period? If it doesn't provide the required spectrum, does the plant know it's there?
  4. Ave.

    Yes it looks very good, hope you get some good quality off of her, im sure you will. in answer to your question; yes.

    Do not let any light of any sort get in to your room during the dark cycle, plants will and do see 'regular' light even if it does not provide the spectrum intensity needed.

    take care.

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