On those mornings where you feel like you are going to die...

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Josarian, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. What is the song you want to listen to?

    Between my friends and I, after a serious party, or just some serious drinking, we always put on margaritaville.

    "It's my own damn fault" :smoking:
  2. jimmy buffett is the man. my dad had me listening to him since i was born. my best calming down songs are...

    eagles - "hotel california"
    jimmy buffett - "changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes"
    pink floyd - "wish you were here"
    paul mccartney & the wings - "band on the run"
  3. santana
    jethro tull
    dub (as a style)
    mozart and other classical
  4. Portishead for me. "Nobody Loves Me." If you're going to be depressed go for it head on. And a good cry is great once in a while.
  5. feelin like im gonna die from ilness or decrepitude... Classical. Bethoven, Braums, Mozart, Tchaikovski, Handel, Johan Strauss, Richard Strauss, Vagner, and so on...

    feelin like i'm gonna die from self inflicted ilness... ambient

    feelin depresed, like i kinda want to be depressed to get it outta my system... something moody, maybe some blues, if not, then the two high emotion, happy and sad at the same time (kinda like sweet and sour) geniuses of the last century, John Lenon or Louis Armstrong.

    feeling depressed and low and beat down but not wanting to be... Some techno or trance or sumthin like that. maybe some prog like yes or the floyd.
  6. a good cry is nesecary to maintain balance, stability and sanity.

    those that do not secrete tears will have a build up of certain chemicals that are related to depresion and sadness.

    crying is a nessisary process just like taking a dump or a leak. except more interesting for films... :rolleyes: what are you saying digit... now they think you film people going toilet :rolleyes:
  7. digit is going crazy! run!!!!

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