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  1. January 26th, 2004 my puppy was stolen. Can you imagine that? This would forever tug at the strings of my tween heart. Her name was Dakota. She was actually a husky/wolf hybrid. Needless to say, she was fucking HUGE. Her paws were the size of most dogs head. Cody was a ball of fun, she really had filled the empty spot in my heart. You see, after 7 years of loyal service, my Dalmatian Sammy had passed. Like most large breeds he had serious medical issues, and we had to put him to sleep.

    On a cold January morning a few years ago I had gone off to school. When I had arrived home, there was a heavy dusting of snow. I walked in the door, but it was unusual, no puppy to greet me? She must be outside. As I ran around looking for her, my dad had called me in with the news. No... it couldn't be true! Who would steal a FUCKING PUPPY at 5am while my dad let out the dog and had his morning coffee? Now I'm just left with two things... Why would somebody do this? And her collar... left in the snow, with footprints leading back to the street.

    So, yes, this is a very sad day for me. And if you happen to live in the Chicago burbs' and you have and/or know someone with a roughly 7 year old female Timber-wolf/Husky mix THAT'S MY DOG!

    So, to Sammy. And to Cody. Wherever you guys are.
  2. sorry to hear that man, sounds like she is too friendly. Good luck with finding her, my friend just found her dog, it was missing for a week.
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    I read the words puppy stolen and immediately thought of my 3 month old husky that was champion bloodline (father won shows). I had almost forgot about her. She was stolen the very day after i bought her, just like you i came home from school to the news. Come to think of it, it was less than 24 hours. I hadnt even named her yet. :eek:

    also when i was 5 or 6 my dad had all 3 of his huskies stolen.
  4. Could also never forget if our little one would just get taken away. Your story leaves me quite mad. :mad: Hope the bastard who did it is rotting in hell. :devious:
  5. another reason to get your dogs chipped so if this ever happens ul get the pussy and defnitely give him what he has coming. Fuck where im living at people have been stealing dogs n cats and waiting til the owner puts up a reward sign then goes to turn em in...... Ya its fucked just like kidnappin
  6. Imagine what that person probably did to your puppy..who knows, it might be dead by now, pretty likely. I don't want to rain on your thoughts, but this just struck me and left me shocked.
  7. Who just lets a puppy out of the house, without having a fence, and goes and fucks around with their coffee.

    Of course your puppy ran away... wtf your dad is a bastard!

  8. Oh god, another memory that just came back.

    The same city where my champion bloodline husky was stolen, my dealers pug-like medium sized dog was stolen. They found him weeks later and this asian man had him caged in the backyard and would poke him and beat him with sticks.

    they got the puppy back and he was so scared of everything. :eek:
  9. OH MY GOD DUDE i had a husky/wolf hybrid as a kid and that was my fucking dog man..

    Seriously he got so fucking big dude.. his paws were huge man..

    He stood 6 feet on his hind legs ...

    I loved that dog dude..

    But that fucking sucks man

    WHO THE FUCK steals a puppy

    Oh another story was back when i was 15 i had this other dog and it was getting pretty old and it couldnt walk really good.. and it was sitting in the grass on my front porch and i was sitting outside doing my homework and i went into to get a drink real quick and came back and my dog was gone... fucking gone... i knew who it was right away too.. because this kids have been eyeing my dog.. i walked over there and knocked on the door and they were all scared and they said i dont know where your dog is ! I saw him RUN AWAY i was like are you kidding me? MY DOG cant walk .. i eventually got it back tho because i harrased them for like 3 days in a row

    Sorry for the stories .. i got into dog mode.
  10. that sucks dude , my dog got stolen once too but I got him back like 3 days later. some dumb bitch literally took him off my front lawn and brought him to her house for three days then called my house on easter and my mom picked him up.

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