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On the verge of telling my parents...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chillumss, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. that i smoke weed. Here's the breakdown.
    I'm 18.
    I smoke cigars often, and have plenty times around them.They don't care.
    She let's me go to parties. She saw one of our coolers once, didn't care and knew what we were all doing that night.
    Also let's me drink around them.
    I have two steady jobs and am paying my way through school currently.
    I don't know how they will respond though because it is illegal. I smoke about twice a week with friends. My mom can sometimes be strict, but she trusts me. It might be the anticipation of telling her, but i wanna smoke without worry, and just have her accept it. What to do, what to do?
  2. In all likelihood they know already, and just don't want to hear it/deal with it.

    I had to force my mom to acknowledge that I smoke pot all the time, even after she caught me a dozen times.

    Let them be blissfully ignorant if she wants.
  3. Why would you tell her before she asks? Wtf noob. Lol. :D
  4. Do it like i did... force my parents to watch the union... afterwards tell her: im 18, pot is not dangerous, and im gonna do it anyway... i just want you to know that im doing it and accept that im doing it...*dramatic exit* kick over a chair or something to let her know our not playin
  5. Don't tell them
  6. my parents caught me once when i was under 17 from a drug test from an accident (im 18 now, dont worry), and they said they always knew and figured i smoked. A few months later i started smoking again, anddd they havent really said anything. So either ignorance is bliss, or parents are stupid -.-
  7. Why would you tell them..?

  8. i dont want to have to hide anything. I wanna be able to smoke in my room whenever i feel like without worrying if im gonna get caught lol. Even though i can use sploof/fan
  9. haha made me laugh out loud dude
  10. Before you jump the boat on telling them I suggest you try and get their view on it.

    That way you might be able to gauge the situation a little better.

    For example, I wasn't sure how to tell my parents. I asked my mom how often my brother grew there. And before I knew it I had a few of my own plants there. I know it's not the exact same situation as you. But with the right questions you will be able to find out a lot more about they feel about it.

    Good luck with your decision :smoke:
  11. it is worth considering going legal if the state your in has mm....that would pacifize your parents, mm giving them the power (even if a little) to save face in society when everyone will know you are pro-cannabis....give your parents ammo to stand up and be able say "mm is a valid argument, so fuck you" to society at large...

    plus you seem to be a responsible young man so all the better you know?.....good luck :smoke:

  12. I got caught smoking pot. My dad told me not to do it in my room. My mom on the other hand harasses me all the time, trying to catch me in the act, etc. It depends on the parents, but if you tell them it may be good and they'd accept it, or they'd have a fit and always be on your ass about it, and not trust you.

    If you think your parents won't have a fit go for it. You could always just ask them what they'd do if you were smoking pot, before you tell them. In my case though, if I had told them, I'd have gotten shit from my mother, not that it matters now. v_v

    The thrill of being caught adds to the fun though! :p
  13. Think about this... In a way some parents may know but they also wont step in unless they feel theyre child is in danger. They might just be giving you the green light. Kinda like a dont ask dont tell thing..They just dont want you to know they know. Because if they knew you knew they knew than they might feel the need to step up in the image of societies parent and say, "no we are your parents and you must not do this." hard to explain but just keep in mind you have a good thing going be careful about stirring it up, could be good or could cause an issue. "Pot" is a very weird thing the way some people act about it. You think youve discovered the greatest treasure and they think you've uncovered an evil demon in a plant form.You never know how people would react. Perceptions vary enormously.

  14. haha nice dude
  15. Lol, they already know, when i was 17ish they had already confiscated a few bowls I had. They knew they just didn't want me to get in trouble with the law and shit and told me not to carry paraphernalia on me and just carry joints(if going out) cause like they said you can just eat a joint if you get pulled over. And pretty much all your parents smoked in the 60's 70's and 80's. And "The Union" should just be looped in time square on atleast one of the animated tv/billboards.

  16. This. My parents did the same thing I bet your parents are doing it too, they know but they dont want you knowing they trust you that you wont get into trouble like the guy said its like a dont ask dont tell thing. My mom knew since I started when I was 14 (im 18 now) and recently when my friend and I were moving into my apt. my mom was helping me bring boxes in to move in and she found my grounder and 2 grams of some dank I had she just looked at me and smurked and was like " Im not stupid I know, stay outta trouble and keep that crap outta your car i aint bailin you out lmao" she was chill about it , im 18 eitherway and moved out.
  17. Don't tell them until they ask. I made the mistake of coming clean and telling them a few years back and my mom flipped a shit. Made me go to counseling and all this other stuff. Not worth it in the end.
  18. The mission was finally accomplished.
  19. If you live with them best to not shit where you eat, regardless of YOUR feelings. If you live in a dorm or have your own place and are independent then tell them as an adult. But you don't want to cause undue stress because YOU feel guilty or whatever. Keep the shit out of their house and rip it up when you drive away : - )

  20. I spent like 10 minuets laughing about the american stuff. And im american!:smoke:

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