on the subject of VIBRAM FIVE FINGERS: kso vs. kso trek

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by kellizar, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hey gc outdoorers,

    I know a lot of us have the fivefingers because there's a whole thread about it.

    What do people think about the kso vs. kso trek styles?

    I'm leaning towards kso because I like the thought of a breathable upper. But I don't want to get stabbed by branches and whatnot if I'm hiking.
  2. I don't have any KSOs, but I do have the KSO Treks. They are more rugged than the base KSO which is nice for hiking, but when I wear them with the Injinji toe socks, they can get a bit warm. The whole shoe is something like buckskin and it does not really breath. I'm sure it will get worse as the temperatures rise, but they are much more fun than normal hiking shoes. I may start wearing them barefoot more often, but don't want them to get to funky.

    I'm considering getting a pair of KSOs just so I have an alternative - hope we get a response from someone who owns both types.
  3. bare feet, problem solved.

    if you want to get close to bare feet just go bare. your feet adapt just like your hands do (if your a climber you will understand this).

    your born with your feet, evolution made them that way for a reason my dudes.
  4. The KSO Trek uppers are Kangaroo leather.

    I have the KSOs, and although I have gotten stabbed by a brance, it was not while hiking. I was playing paintball, and at the time was running sideways (not on a trail) and wasn't looking where I was stepping. I really doubt that you would get stabbed on a trail while hiking, since you can look where you step and aren't running. I would recommend the KSOs since they are a lot more breathable. However, for paintball, I'd say Treks, heh.
  5. I LOVE my KSOs, but when I replace them, I'm going with Treks. I've found that most places I used to wear my KSOs (stores, mall, walking around outside, basically normal everyday) I now go completely barefoot and places where I wear my KSOs (trails, places where I they force me to wear shoes, etc) I want a little more protection.

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