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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. well since my thread got closed cuz of people hatin again, i needed to open another thread just to tell yall watsup

    trust me, if it was joe schmoe who lives an hour away, he\'d be in the hospital right now wit his entire house robbed

    but joe schmoe happens to live outside of this country, and i aint 100% sure i have the exact location of him or the funds to search.

    so whats the next best way to fuck his life? put him in prison

    and to whoever said somethin about \"oh no i\'m scared to say anything on grasscity cuz he\'ll snitch on me\"

    i\'m sure theres alot worse people on here than me, cuz theres been a couple charges that i\'m fucked for now that i coulda got off of for snitchin on my associates, but i took the charge

    so, before you dub me a snitch, think what you would do, just take a 2 grand loss layin down like a bitch, or avenge your self by any fuckin means necessary, even if it means bein dubbed a snitch by a buncha people that i could care less about thinking i\'m one.

    i took it once without complaint cuz i thought dude went to jail, but it turns out he\'s just scandelous, so i aint havin that shit

    edit: forgot to mention that i didnt give any information at all yet, just informed them that i had information and asked if they give out any rewards cuz i want to get at least some of my money back, n if they dont, then fuck em
  2. Neg, for now i am closing this.

    It doesn\'t make sense to me that you would open ANOTHER thread, when the only thing people did was flame in the other thread. I am going to prevent the flaming before it even starts here.

    BTW, this isn\'t taking a shot at you, it is just better for the City to not have a big flame fest
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