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  1. Whats up GC,

    I've been dabbling with my pax for about 6 months now, but one thing I haven't figured out is how to discretely carry fine ground herb to repack the bowl when out an about. Anyone have any tips/tricks for carrying ground up herb to repack? I don't mean carrying a grinder either, I mean something that I can discretely carry in my pocket along with the pax for a quick reload. Some type of slender tube maybe?
  2. I like to pace my self

    toke up b4 going out

    then toke on the scene...discreetly (preloaded)

    then blaze up back on the farm ...lol

    good luck
  3. For sure. I do this day to day but most times when I'm out, there's others puffin on my pax as well so the bowl doesn't last long. At parties most people are amused by it and want to try it out lol.
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  4. tell them to grind their own weed, puff if and then you get to vape their unfinished greens/abv
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    I work a job where I can smoke freely. Transportation is the only thing I worry about.

    I use one of these:
    Pick it up at any big box store, dollar store or for like a buck or two on ebay. I get the non-colored ones, something tells me the paint would flake. If ultimate stealth is your goal, I'm sure you can pick up a higher quality black one for less than 10 bucks. I've even seen little NOS bottles where the top screws open and you can fill it with herb. Keyword: "Metal Pill Bottle"

    Every morning I grind up enough weed for my daily needs. I pack two of these if I'm working an especially long day. I remove the keychain part and just keep it in my backpack or my pocket. No smell. Absolute worst case, without even sweatin the loss I can toss one of these like two fuckin blocks and the po po can ess this dee.
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    There are many odor free containers, like this for instance:
    So best way is to grind up your herb, put in a container and pack the oven just before vaping.
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  7. Pax 3
  8. You really can't figure out what to hold weed in.....
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  9. Obviously I can hold it in anything, I'm not an idiot. I'm not going to walk around with a mason jar in my pocket when I go to social gatherings and there are times I need to be discreet with it. With me being an adult and a professional, being discreet is often times necessary. Just seeing what other people do or what may be on the market. That pill container that Black-syth showed was a good idea.
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  10. hook your stash to an helium balloon but dont lose sight of it and have a good cross country bike to follow it around town, plus a pellet gun to bring it to the ground nobody will know whose weed it is :love-m3j:
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  11. so what you were able to come up with was a mason jar.... couldn't think of a single thing smaller then that?
  12. well there was no reason to be rude... we are all "professional adults" here. Just trying to stimulate your own creative thinking. I wasn't the one asking the internet what to put my weed in. But since you seem incapable of figuring the simplest things on your own. Try a DIY store they usually sell small containers for making your own lotions or lip balms in. they have screw on lids come in glass or plastic and come in various sizes. easily purchased on the net as well.
  13. Does it make you feel good belittling people on the internet who ask questions?
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  14. No, I feel the same either way. Does it make you feel better calling people idiots on the internet

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