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On the fence about MMJ Card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MooseyPoo, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Hey, GC
    I made a brief post regarding this in the Post Your Thoughts thread, but felt I should ask in here to perhaps get a dedicated response. 
    I have been diagnosed with mild depression, and have mild-moderate insomnia (2-3 hours to fall asleep if I don't smoke). Yet I feel these reasons aren't "legitimate enough" for a card, and due to my relatively young age (19) I have a feeling I will be assumed to just be abusing the medical system. 
    At the same time though, I currently only use weed recreationally, with the benefits of helping with my mood, and helping me get to sleep being sort of pleasant side-effects. Being able to consistently get high-quality cannabis without the risk of screwing up my future if I ever got in trouble with the law is also a nice plus..
    Sort of torn here, what do you reckon, GC?
    I live in California, by the way. 
    Thanks, take it easy :smoke:

  2. Go get that shit its easy. They will not care about your age. Their gettin payed son hehe. Besides I think this is what everyone should do as opposed to legalization. You will be able to grow your own meds or go to dispensaries. Plus keep the money in the peoples hands that deserve it not big gov, who will just give it to lazy people who want to sit around and collect a check.
    End rant :smoke:

  3. Depression and insomnia are good enough reason in California and you will be surprised how easy it is to get a medical card

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    Well, bless your heart.
  5. I literally got my card in CA on my 18th birthday last year hahahSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    Many patients are here because side effects from the prescription medications our Drs. were giving us started doing us harm.  From my point of view looking back I would have been better off if I had started using my MJ in a medical way when I was your age.  The research wasn't there yet and we were clueless at the time.  While I have no issues with any one having a feel good dose just because they want one, I think any one who does should know how to use their cannabis to medical benefit also.  There is Booze on the shelf for drinking and there is Booze in the cough syrup and other medications also.  Many of us at one time in our lives or another have used it in both ways for both medical and non medical purposes.  Same with Cannabis.
    Any harm you can avoid now by using your cannabis to medical advantage will improve your quality of life when you get to be my age.  That means shop carefully as you look for a recommending Dr. to get your card from.  Make sure it is someone who cares enough to give you some follow up support in the how to use it for this and how to use it for that as well as the what you should be using it for.
    Have a party dose too any time you want one and you will be golden.
  7. It's not as big a deal as you think it is. If you want it then get it, you legally qualify in California
  8. I know a few people who use medicinal access for insomnia.

    don't remember off hand if depression is on the qualifying list of conditions but it ought to be. It is one of the most therapeutic, stress relieving plants on this planet. It is especially geared "to help people forget" which in terms of stress relief/anxiety is very important.

    Think of it this way:
    This amazing plant offers therapeutic/medicinal benefit, without the hazards of narcotic, synthetic drugs. YOU DESERVE ACCESS TO THIS NATURAL MEDICINE! Remember it's becoming legalized and medically granted because people are speaking up. Align yourself with the idea that this is something you deserve, the type of medicine you deserve, and that surely there is an intelligent doc nearby who has educated himself on the topic.

    They are out there and want to help you. Don't think for a second you're too young or xyz.

    You are a part of the future - a place in time where grabbing herbal meds is as common as picking up aspirin. Even aspirin is more dangerous than cannabis! But we only reach that future place of open access by everyone expecting the same. Go get what's yours!

    Ps - A while back i wrote a piece on anti depressants for my company. During the research i was shocked to read in depth of the side effects that I'd heard of in passing all these years. There's a strong link to various neurological disorders and other horrid reactions... The worst of which are suicidal thoughts.

    Did you know they call it "suicidal thoughts" to increase marketing appeal? I understand that sounds weird but know this:
    The way it affects humans... It is technically "homicidal thoughts" not suicidal.

    Both are terrible but it's important to understand. There is a documented history of this, it is very frightening! These thoughts don't just put the user at risk but everyone around them. It also sheds light on many cases of school shootings - how many of these "freakout" scenarios were by long term users of anti depressants?

    That's why i stress the importance of expecting access to medical cannabis. Tell your doc these things! You don't want neurological disorders or homicidal tendencies - that's BS and you deserve better!
    Matches my experience with antidepressants.

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