on the east coast of pennsylvania?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ohyeah37, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. What type of seeds should I plant outside on the east coast of pennsylvania, or just the east coast in general. I am hoping to get a type that produces quickly, so I can have multiple harvests
  2. there isn't really one strain that works well in pa, pa blows, your only going to get one harvest a year dude. Well good luck, yup.

  3. LOL, I will agree pa blows,,, but there are strains that will finish short and produce lots of bud, TOP44, M39, Northern Bright, early girl, all of these will finish in that area no probs, and of course only one harvest per year, as most growers outdoors get mainly one harvest per year.


  4. also look at "Early Pearl" from sensiseeds, although most quote a yield as 125grams, believe me that is rubbish! Grown many times and very rarely have i had less than 400g per plant, also another reliable outdoor variety is "Durban".
    good luck
  5. i wanted to get durban, but i ended up getting C99 and BCcouchlock for in pa, well i'm probably going to use them strains many indoors, i haven't started any seeds yet because i don't have my new growroom built yet. Does anyone know anything about them two strains? I got them for free and heard they were good for sog.

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