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  1. if it was a ufo, and we knew what it was, it would be an FO, then knowing what it was it would just be an O, and if you see a UFO, you need to film it with the shittest camera in the world just to make sure it is still a UFO.
    Well done, you saw an object :D quantum stuff dictates that it could be full of aliens until it's observed like schorodingers cat, is it dead when someone sees it dead or what.
    I dont know pavlov, but the name rings a bell :D

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    Mantikore - Are you just trolling or are you serious? I have a hard time believing you are really this ignorant without it being willingly so.

    I feel bad for you, i wish i could help but you are beyond my aid.
    the most rational statement in the entire thread. bravo sir  :metal:
  4. It is a simple question. I've already explained to you that just because something is a belief.. doesn't mean it is metaphysical. Just because something deals with the universe does not mean it is metaphysical. An individual can try to jam metaphysics into it.. but in the same way someone can try to jam God into it.

    Now, for the whatever number of times this is.. how is an infinite universe a metaphysical concept? You're the one who made the claim, yet when it comes to explaining your claim.. you pussy foot around. If you can't back up your claim, then perhaps you should just shut the fuck up? Cause that is part of science, backing up a statement that you claim to be true. It is not my job to back up my negative claim that it isn't, it is your job to back up your positive claim that it is. If you can't exercise one of the most basic aspects of science, providing proof for your claim, then you should stick with what your good at.. philosophy and religion.

    You say you can't understand how I am this ignorant, then fucking enlighten me.. answer the question instead of pussy footing. To me, it is idiotic, moronic, and ignorant to make a claim over and over and then say 'I don't understand how you don't get this' all the while not once even attempting to actually explain it. Stop being an intellectual pussy and saying someone is beyond your aid when you fail to even provide aid.. can't be beyond something that is nonexistent.
    You know you're giving him the reaction he wants, right?
    Yeah.. I know he is actively being this ignorant on purpose, but I figure what better place to express how I feel about him as an individual then a thread that was shit from the very beginning? To me, he is just another PickledPie.. an unintelligent person who fills in their gaps of knowledge with pseudoscience and belief then tries to pass it off as scientific.. all the while blaming the "dogma of the system" instead of looking at the actual problem, themselves. I think you were in part of the conversation when he blamed the way the system is for not continuing his education in college.. after that and then learning that he was home schooled his entire life by religious parents, it all makes sense. I'd feel like a total dick if I went after him in unrelated on topic threads though, like to keep contained.. I'm nice like that.. lol
    I guess it would be obvious that you don't see the irony, but that statement is incredibly ironic. Kind of tickles me lmao
  8. Pretty revealing... Of something very disconcerting. A small mind is a terrible place to be  :(
    The quality of being "infinite" transcends the physical. Nothing exists without observation of it. Infinity is an abstract notion that is Non-Physical. Do you understand?
    This is literally mind-boggling how stupid you are if you can't comprehend this. I'm sorry to say that, but I've seen you say much worse and honestly, that is the only predominating thought about you at this point. Arrogance and disdain for knowledge and truth is like being a turtle in front of an oncoming train, instead of walking off the track, you've stuck your head in your shell. Please learn something.
    You're not worth retyping it all out.. not in the least, but I am not discussing infinity. This is the perfect example of how the only way there is anything metaphysical about an infinite universe is when you cram your metaphysical bullshit into it. There is a difference between infinite and infinity.. I am talking about physically infinite, you are talking about the metaphysical infinity. Ironically, all but one of these posts were to your counterpart.. Norse.
    Long story short, you're relying on an outdated philosophical concept, infinity.. which is not surprising for you to be doing.
    Not that any of this is actually accurate, I'd rather be a turtle that is about to be crushed who kept up to date with knowledge and truth rather than being one that is stuck in mindsets from thousands of years ago.. but I forgot, it is the dogma of the scientific community that is the problem, not you :rolleyes:
    Now if you'd like to try again and not fail this time, leave out the idealistic concept of infinity and focus on the realistic infinite.. Norse couldn't comprehend the difference between infinity and infinite, maybe you can?
  11. Lol, if i had you in checkmate in chess you'd argue your king wasnt a king. 'Just because it has a crown and isnt the queen doesnt mean its a king'.
    Luckily for me, you don't have the intelligence to get me into checkmate.. you'd just sit down like you wanted to play and refuse to move your pieces. Like how you come in here spouting shit and refuse to back it up.. but I probably shouldn't expect much from a home schooled failure. Now I am sure you'll feel the need to respond.. but if you notice, I am both an ass and making an argument. You're just being an ass because you know your argument will fail. If you respond, feel free to get dirty.. try to insult me, but also include an argument.
    Lol you made up your own idea of a difference between infinite and infinity. "This number has infinite numbers after the decimal place", "The numbers after the decimal place extend until infinity." Infinite and infinity means never ending. So let's try this some more. Why don't you yourself explain by what you mean by an infinite universe, because to be honest, you haven't made it clear. What is this "realistic infinite"? As opposed to this infinity that we are supposedly thinking about.
    The quality of the universe of being "infinite" is a metaphysical one. It means that the universe 
  14. I am not trying to be an ass, i suppose if you are sensitive it could come across as such. Nor did i come here to argue, i responded to illuminate your vitriolic gatekeeping tactics. I have respect for your intelligence though it often seems misguided in its execution. I dont respect you as a decent human being, but i respect you as a person. I understand you (as i, and everyone else) is a product of environmental exposure.

    I would advise you to lay off the personal attacks, i dont mind them at all but it does tend to make you look dumb (which as i pointed out above, i dont believe is the case). I have disputes with people but few act as juvenile as yourself. Maybe some day we can have a reasonable discussion, ill hold onto hope. You can ignore me or scoff but i find reasoned discussiona more fruitful.
  15. My reaction to this thread:
    Infinity is a noun.. infinite is an adjective. It is subtle, but there is a difference in meaning. Statements such as "The numbers after the decimal place extend until infinity." is silly to say.. you are implying that they go to a specific place, using a noun to describe a noun. Statements such as "That number is infinite." is describing a quality of the number.. an adjective describing a noun as it should be. The universe is it's own noun and doesn't need any others to describe it.. only adjectives like infinite, endless, boundless, awesome, never ending, mesmerizing, grand, wonderful.
    The universe being infinite means that no matter how far you traveled in any direction, you would find the universe. I don't know how to make that any clearer, it's a rather simple statement. It's not a falsifiable concept, but it's also not a metaphysical concept. It simply states the the universe that we live in is infinite and if you traveled 39,742,945 billion light years.. you would find the universe. Travel 2,398,453,782,378,356,476,205,567 quadrillion light centuries.. you would find the universe. Any distance you can think of.. travel it and where you end up you'll find the universe. If you spent every second of your life writing out one huge number and were able to magically transverse that distance in light years or even light millennia.. you would find the universe. The universe doesn't go to infinity.. you can't go to infinity and beyond like Buzz because the beyond would automatically be included in the infinity..
    Again.. infnity is an old, outdated philosophical definition. Even Aristotle differentiated infinity.. with actual infinity and potential infinity. Thing is, the idea of infinity was an idea that was constructed before we actually knew of anything that is truly infinite. It was created before we learned that there is a huge universe out there with countless other galaxies.. and before we even learned that the Earth orbits the sun. Before we learned that pi is an infinite number.. we now know that there are things that can be literally infinite. That's how knowledge works, it needs updated. Going back to Aristotle, he made a claim that birds hibernated and it stuck in the scientific community for almost 2,000 years.. until our knowledge increased and we learned that birds don't hibernate. If we never update our knowledge, we'd be stuck thinking all sorts of wrongs are true. Get yourself updated on what it means to be infinite.. cause that is what I am talking about.
  17. I dont think its impossible that the universe is infinite so i dont knock him for that belief, i just find it odd he cannot admit its a metaphysical belief... he is the one with a fundamental opposition to metaphysics though.

    To interject some science, as far as i know most physicists reject an infinite universe because of the gravitational problem with it. The largest gravitational wave cannot be more than half the diameter of the universe, if the universe is infinite than there should be an infinite number of gravitational waves (since there is no limit on the length).

    There are physicists that believe in an infinite universe but i havent seen that problem addressed. On top of that a few sky surveys indicate a finite universe with a dodecahedron shape. Aside from a few objections, i am not fundamentally opposed to an infinite universe.
    I really would like to be nice.. but I know that when someone thinks that there is dogma in science, someone who blames the educational system for not taking part in the educational system, that person is dense as fuck. A skull so thick, that the only chance you'll have of getting anything through is blunt force trauma. I'm not the only one who has seen this.. but you actively ignore reasonable responses. For example, you used to talk about zero point energy.. but you said there was a field of it, and that's not what zero point energy is. I tried explaining that to you, reasonably and even backed up what I said with science, but since that didn't confirm to what you already believed.. it went in one ear and out the other. You were (probably still do) using zero point energy incorrectly.. but with your denseness, being reasonable won't ever work. The only chance of getting anything through is it drive the correction in unreasonably.
  19. Infinity to me means indefinite integrals or series... :laughing:
    In any of your classes or studies, did anyone ever actually use the word infinity to describe anything other than the symbol infinity? Cause I only ever saw indefinite and infinite.. and had a pretty clear distinction between infinity and infinite in math. I think that's the easiest way to distinguish the two, infinity is a noun and infinite is an adjective.
    Found this math page on infinity: http://www.themathpage.com/aCalc/infinity.htm

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