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    Man.. you should know by now that my damn universal view is that it is infinite. That means that there is potentially an infinite number of intelligent life forms in the universe.. but there is no reason to believe they are here. Is it possible? Sure.. but aliens aren't science.. they are speculation. Even if you tried to use science in the fucking science forum.. they completely ignore it because it doesn't confirm what they already believe. That leaves you with very few options.. usually you can just ignore them or scoff at them because they'll blatantly ignore it when you provide them reason. Not only that.. do you really think that people who believe aliens are here are open to the possibility that they aren't? Fuck no.. they have their borderline religious belief. I am open to the possibility that aliens are here.. but I won't believe they are here until I actually see them here. I've seen a couple UFOs.. but I don't think they were alien. It's literally in the name.. unidentified. If it is unidentifiable, that means it can't be identified as alien.
    Now if this sack of shit thread were in Pandora's Box.. I wouldn't have said a damn thing. Pretty sure that's one of the factors leading into people actually interested in science staying active posters.. because it is fucking annoying when people bring in pseudoscience/supernatural bullshit. Yet the people who bring it in cry that it is science and nothing ever gets done. I know I don't really want to create new threads in here and try to get a good discussion going because it doesn't take long til some pseudoscience/metaphysical/supernatural/religious tinfoil hat nutjob comes in with their bullshit. It's like people completely ignore the sticky at the top that simply and clearly explains what science is.. What is science?
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    I bet the mods thank God you got their back! Every science needs its gatekeepers.

    Also, why do you include metaphysics in your list above?
  3. Like I said, people like to bring that shit in and claim that it is science.. but it really isn't. It is philosophy and while you'll probably say something like "philosophy is science, a study of the natural world, blah blah derp" there is a whole section for philosophy that is separate for a reason. Science is science and philosophy is philosophy and metaphysics is philosophy.
  4. Is that supposed to be justification for your self-appointed position of gatekeeper?

    You are not only obnoxious but juvenile in your approach "blah blah derp".

  5. Only person here claiming I'm a gate keeper is you. It's common sense that metaphysics, supernatural concepts, and religion isn't science.. therefore it doesn't belong here. When someone ignores common sense, they are deserving of a derp.. and what is obnoxious is when people bring that shit in here and act like it is science. I know you take offense to it because you're one of the people I'm describing.. and you are deluded in thinking that you're going about your metaphysical bullshit in a scientific way. Nothing I say will ever sink through that thick, home schooled by religious parents skull of yours.. so circling back, when people ignore reason because it doesn't confirm their belief.. all that you can do is ignore them or scoff at them. If you actually posted scientific inquiries and not spew your metaphysical bullshit in the science section, I'd actually be pretty pleasant.. cause if you were one to pick up in patterns, you'd have noticed that I don't give you shit for your spewing of the bullshit in philosophy or religion because the most of the shit you post belongs there.
  6. Haha personal attacks is your resort?

    And how about your metaphysical bullshit like an infinite universe?

    Science too is built around the assumption of an objective external reality. I suspect your beloved infinite universe belief is your rational solution to the coincidence problem.

    But the purpose of my interjection was to expose to you the haughty attitude you exude. Im sure you justify your gatekeeping in the name of your god science, but its unbecoming and socially exclusive apart from like- minded individuals. You spew and defend your dogma like any good fundamentalist. Its pretty damn transparent bro.
  7. An infinite universe wouldn't be a metaphysical belief.. I'm confused as to how you can say that your area of expertise is metaphysics and not know wtf is and isn't metaphysical. Those were your words before right? That that's is what you focus on.. and I can understand why. Coming from a home school set up with religious parents is going to fuck anyone over.. When it cones to science, you are a joke. It's even funnier as to how completely blind you are.. and I realize there is no point in telling you that, but it doesn't hurt to try. You are a metaphysical believer and as such, will not understand science.. hence you bringing up scientific dogma. Remember we calmly discussed dogma the other day in religion? Because that is where it belongs and there is no dogma in science. You're just projecting yourself and your metaphysical dogma onto others. Just that fact that you'd say God science tells me that not a fucking thing sinks into that brain of yours.. and every single time you post in here, it just paints a clearer picture of you for me. Like when you bitched about the educational system, that you never took part of, and blaming it for the reason you don't go to college.. and the problems lies with you! I highly doubt you'll ever see that and actually progress your education.. and if you did, you'd just ignore it, but really.. it is you.

    Now.. care to explain to me how an infinite physical universe is metaphysical? This is your area of expertise.. so explain it. Unlike you, I actually remember things.. and if you did too, you'd remember that I've stated several times that an infinite universe is a belief. One that is impossible to falsify.. I am well aware of that. It's pretty much the only thing that I hold onto that I consider a belief.. but I want you to explain how it is metaphysical.
  8. To flatter you, a 5sec scan of wiki would tell you

    " Another central branch of metaphysics is cosmology, the study of the origin, fundamental structure, nature, and dynamics of the universe."

    I notice you reverted to personal attacks instead of acknowledging my examination of your behavior... typical and expected.
    I am well aware of my behavior. Again, if you had a memory span great than that of a goldfish, you might remember some shit.. like how I've stated several times to you and others like you that I am an asshole. I don't give a fuck.. especially when it comes to people who are so dense that they can't even see they are dense.
    And since we are using wiki..
    It was a branch.. but as our knowledge and ability grew, it has shifted. As with all things, it's not metaphysical until the individual puts metaphysics into it.. just like any other belief system. God is not in the universe unless you put God in it.. Zeus does not control lightning unless you put that belief into lightning. Cosmology is not metaphysical unless you put metaphysics in it..
    Now, if you'd like to show how metaphysics is your forte.. (that's like saying fresh dog shit is your forte btw) you have another chance to show it and explain how a physical universe that is physically infinite is a metaphysical concept. I don't do metaphysics, it's a fucking joke in the long run.. so I am not going to shove metaphysics into my view on the universe.
  10. Bring it.  Humans need new enemies ...
  11. This made me chuckle. Seems how you already admitted an infinite universe is a belief, i think you have done my work for me.
  12. Nothing unites us like a new boogie man!
    Just because something is a belief, does not mean it is metaphysical. You do know what it means for something to be metaphysical right? It literally means beyond physics.. and I really shouldn't have to explain this to you seeing as you say metaphysics is your forte, but I feel like I have to. It deals with the shit that physics can't.. and many create metaphysical theories to attempt to explain why the physics of the universe is the way it is, but they typically and actively ignore the how of it all. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy.. good for asking questions, but not providing answers. Science is there to provide the answers to the questions asked asked by philosophy.. but 9 times out of 10, people like you.. and you.. don't present your metaphysical bullshit as a question, you present it as an answer.. a truth. That's not science.
    So.. for a 3rd time.. care to explain how the idea of a physical universe that is physically and literally infinite is a metaphysical concept? Like I said, there is nothing metaphysical about it unless you try to jam metaphysics into it.. so how would you jam your bullshit metaphysics into it?
    What is physics besides being the dynamic interaction of energies with a manifest effect that we can gauge in our physical reality? You've started off with the assumption that the physical and manifest is all that exists and there is no source or root to physics that itself is beyond the perceivable reality of the working universe. You've come up with this very funny idea that there is no metaphysics and there is no need for such an idea. To say this is any less than the heights of ignorance would itself be foolish. Metaphysics is the reality beyond reality. It is the basis and substance of this reality that transcends it's transient nature and is of the infinite and timeless nature. Also, the fact that you're confused at how the physical universe being physically and literally infinite is a metaphysical concept is really telling. Your arrogant disdain for certain things only makes you ignorant, like shutters over your eyes, you see through slits, your view is partial and confused. 
    Also, it seems you don't seem to understand that philosophy is eminent before, and the root of, science. Science itself is philosophically derived, the idea being a philosophic one. Philosophy provides it's own answers, and the means are essentially substantiated by science, yet there is something you have yet to comprehend, your very basic conception of science has a particular domain and the exists a reality beyond it that cannot be explored by science in the traditional sense. It is through intuitive reasoning whereby we come to recognize the truth of reality, not matter how much evidence you show a donkey, it will not comprehend how water evaporates and forms clouds and eventually falls as rain. We have the capacity to know reality not because it is self-evident, but because we have penetrative intellect that sees causes and conditions. Truly, we do not realize how to take our own nature into account when ascertaining the realities of the universe and thusly Man in general is far from understanding Truth most sublime and pure.
    Going to have to go with the former this time.. talking to one brick wall who doesn't know it's a brick wall is enough for me, don't want to deal with two.
  16. Down go the shutters
    Norse man.. I've asked you three times now to back up your statement. All you've done is say that it is metaphysical yet fail to explain why it is metaphysical. You guys bitch about getting scoffed at.. and this is why. You are the one actively ignoring an inquiry and then try to say I am. That is a perfect example of a brick wall.. and seeing as your doppelganger did the same thing, imply that an infinite universe is a metaphysical concept yet not even attempt to explain why it is a metaphysical concept, I really don't feel like dealing with another one of you. It is completely moronic to say someone is closing their shutters when they are asking you a fucking question. Prove to me that you're capable of backing up your metaphysical bullshit.. prove me wrong.. prove to me you're not a joke.. prove to me that some sort of intelligence can come from a person who was home schooled by religious parents. Explain to me why an infinite universe is metaphysical.. a physical universe that is physically infinite. That means if you could physically travel 394,889,347,582,634,375 trillion light years.. you would find the physical universe existing in one fashion or another. Take that distance and square it.. you would find the physical universe existing in one fashion or another. Any distance you could imagine.. if you were able to travel it, you would find the universe. Where is the metaphysics?
  18. You admitted its a belief about the nature of the universe... a belief because there is no evidence for it; surely no evidence is even possible. i.e. its a metaphysical belief about the nature of the universe. Not sure how that eludes you.

    Ignore or scoff, thats how 'science' deals with nonsense? Yet your ego wont allow you tp ignorw. Im not sure if you continue arguing to convince yourself you are right or to convince others. Your antisocial behavior leads me to suspect the former.
  19. This is what small minds do in a debate...
  20. Again, just because something is a belief does not mean it is metaphysical. Again, cosmology.. the study of the universe.. does not automatically mean it is metaphysical. That's why there is what is known as physical cosmology.. that you seem to actively ignore. Nothing I've said directly or indirectly states that an infinite is metaphysical.. so again, here you are only saying that it is and failing to explain why. If you can't back up you words, then why say them?

    No.. small minds actively ignore questions in a debate because they know they will fail to provide an answer. Show me otherwise and actually answer the question as to why..

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