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  1. No.. Pandora's Box.
  2. It's crazy the amount of well respected people to come out and talk about this stuff and yet no one listens (not referring to this guy but people he mentioned who also have come out such as Ronald Reagan and buzz aldrin)
  3. Why do people think its unreasonable that the government is hiding knowledge of aliens?

    Its not like the government never kept secrets before....

  4. Unless the aliens are working with the government, which is highly unlikely, the government wouldn't really be able to hide them. It's silly to think they'd be able to have such a massive cover up..

    Now if a single alien crashed on Earth and the rest of its species doesn't give a damn about it, then maybe. Or if the aliens have a "hands off, observation status only.. they might be able to filter their existence, but that too is unlikely.

    Trust me, I want aliens to be known.. I'm just not going to turn my hope into paranoia.
  5. I tend not to believe things that don't have any evidence. There is no convincing evidence to suggest that the US government is hiding evidence of aliens. I mean it's possible but I don't believe it's logical to assume or believe the government is hiding this info when there is no evidence or clear motive for doing such a thing. That is why I would say it's unreasonable to take such a position.
  6. that's the thing. You aren't convinced. That doesn't mean there isn't evidence. You've just chosen to side with the government and their discrediting of said evidence.

    Its funny how easy it is to.simply.call.someone crazy and suddenly no one sees that they might be right.
    I agree. Its unreasonable to assume. But its not unreasonable to speculate.

    I don't know if they are or aren't, but I would say its extremely likely and wouldn't surprise me if there has been contact.


  7. The government had its own massive investigation into UFO's. What was the result of their investigation? Classified! Why would they classify it and not be open? They can narrate 'a' story but cannot provide the evidence?

    They ARE covering up, but we can only speculate as to what.
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    I should rephrase that. There isn't evidence from a source that I would consider reliable. I consider myself very rational I try to even look at sources I don't trust analytically. Any evidence I've ever seen of UFO's or anything along those lines just strikes me as someone trying to get attention. Of course I'll admit that I could be wrong and it's possible. I won't however speculate on something I have no good evidence to believe in. If you can provide me with some convincing evidence, I'm all ears. To me there is no more evidence for aliens than a creature like big foot. They both seem highly unlikely to actually exist.
  9. Government can't keep a secret? Tell me everything you know about Groom Lake? Area 51? That place has been operating continously for over 50 years, thousands of workers, contractors, military personnel. ..and what do you know about it? Of course governments can keep a secret.
  10. I'm just amazed that people don't just look at all the available video out there regarding video shot from Nasa's own cameras. It's out there, available to all. Just do a Google search of NASA and UFO. Also, look up this guy named Mary to Stubbs. He recorded every Shuttle mission from start to finish from his Station's direct link through satellite. You will NOT believe the shit you will see and hear. There is NO DOUBLING there is some weird shit going on and if you are still unconvinced Google Gordon Cooper. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=veD1VLDMAaSP7AbS8YEQ&url=http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DdvPR8T1o3Dc&ved=0CCcQtwIwAQ&usg=AFQjCNFcAR8TGIgU2qeOK7nyY_NfeA-SBQ
  11. Way to not comprehend anything I wrote.. I never said the government can't keep a secret. I said that if there are aliens out there, the government wouldn't be able to hide them unless the aliens wanted to be hidden, which is just silly to think that an advanced alien race would give a shit about the politics of our world.

    And duh, there will always be secret facilities within the government.. they have to keep some secrets in terms of our technology and military. People have loose lips, no point in developing a top secret airplane or weapon if someone is going to blab about it.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlkV1ybBnHI
  13. But the government ISNT able to hide or keep them very secret. There are literally tens of thousands of reports of ufo every year. They ARE being seen, photographed, recorded, even by NASA themselves as you can see for yourself if you only look. I understand exactly what you are saying. ....now, take a detailed, open look for yourself and think again.
  14. Dude, I've been into space, astronomy, and the thought of alien life since I was a lil kid.. almost 30 years now. If you're 24 or younger, I have a telescope that is older than you. I've taken an "open" look at it all.. and it is illogical to think the government is working with aliens. The only way they'd be able to do so is if the aliens were willingly participating with the government and again, that is asinine to think. Not only that, you'd have to put half the blame on the aliens for wanting to stay hidden within the government. The only other way would be if an alien explorer crashed on Earth and their species doesn't know or care that they crashed.. and that could be possible, but again.. I find that highly unlikely.

    I've seen some weird shit with my telescope too.. but just because something is unidentified doesn't mean it is an alien.

    Even saw a few UFOs. One time there was a set of 3 lights that flew above me at night. They formed a triangle and the triangle was blacked out.. made no noise. As it flew over me, the triangle even blocked out the stars.. but I don't think it was alien. More likely a government test of something. Another I saw some lights and that night had the craziest, most vivid dream of aliens trying to abduct me. So vivid that I had to check my asshole to make sure I wasn't probed.. and the only reason I ended up knowing it was a dream is because I opened my pack of smokes in the dreams and was sitting outside smoking when they tried to get me.. but in the morning, my pack was still sealed.

    Government testing brings up another point.. government distraction. Doesn't it seem more logical the this government that loves to keep secrets from the people would prefer people to think they are in cahoots with aliens rather than have the people think they are working on top secret weapons and craft? They probably want you to think it is an alien craft rather than them.. it's the perfect distraction for the masses of sheeple.
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    Who's talking about the government working WITH Aliens? I dont believe the government is doing anything of the sort. What I believe is that this Planet is being actively visited for God knows what reason...I suppose WE as a specie would visit an inhabited planet if we had the capability just to study it. Why are you going on about cooperation? I never said anything like that. And by the way, I smoked weed in 1968 if that gives you any idea of my age.
  16. The government could very well have vital alien data, while not actually be working with aliens.  
    I fully share the opinion that an advanced species couldn't care less about Earth politics, so a tit for tat collaboration with our empty suits seems implausible.  Having said that, considering that the military operates and has been operating the most hi-tech devices of our time (satelites, planes...), it is fair to assume that they have footage of events that occur on this planet that the average citizen would not.  Paranormal or otherwise.  Obviously, this has changed a great deal in the past decade with the proliferation of smart phones and social media in terms of on-the-ground-coverage.  
    Point being, the government MAY have info simply because they have the most resources to gather or stumble upon said info. 
    I'm not crying conspiracy, only pointing out the possibility.
  17. If aliens were visiting Earth and not working with the government, the government wouldn't be able to contain them, cover them up. Pretty sure I've made that point several times and it seems to go in one ear and out the other. Just like how you think that they'd act like us and explore other planets.. they would also act like us and not give a damn about the ruling bodies of a planet, their presence would be well known.. and it is not.
  18. Do yourself a big favor and watch this in its entirety.


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