on the brightside

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  1. With the gas prices at $4.20, let us celebrate and roast a nice bowl and take a walk rather than a drive. Happy $4.20
  2. daymnn son, nuthin to celebrate with those gas prices :smoke:
  3. fuck that it cost me $115 to fill up today... fucking driving an SUV sucks.
  4. its already over 4.20 were I live :(
  5. Jesus, in Alberta where we have large oilsands, that's common pricing. Fucking government doesn't know how to hold onto our own money.
    $4.20/g = ~$1.11/litre
    we are currently at $1.129. Yes, we use thousandths of a dollar on fuel...
  6. Wow here it's 1.45$ a liter right now.

    ^and stop being so cheap OP alberta doesnt even have taxes you greedy bitch
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    its gonna hit $5 soon. right now its about 4.70. fuck this city.
  8. You forgot the part where Edmonton is one of the more expensive cities in Canada, and i guess GST isn't tax?

  9. see what they are doing they are driving us apart so there is no revolution
  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pbHA077IwI]On The Brightside, She Could Choke by Fear Before - YouTube[/ame]
  11. 4.20 lucky bastard, i pay 8.48
  12. [quote name='"stevooo123"']4.20 lucky bastard, i pay 8.48[/quote]

    You live in Europe? Heard gas is really fucking expensive there

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