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Discussion in 'General' started by NoLiM3, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. So being honest here, who has at least tried to have sex on the beach? n for those who have tried were you successful or did u get caught?

    Lol I just wanna know who did it cuz tonight im gonna try my luck ;) wifey's been asking for a while haha :smoke:
  2. yeah lifeguards might join in
  3. I dunno about the chances of getting caught, but I gave my bf a bj after a day at the beach and I dunno how, cuz there wasn't any sand in my mouth, but some sand got up in there, I guess. He said it burned like a motherfucker...so be careful.

  4. LMFAO o
  5. me and my ex were looking for a spot but we couldnt find a decent one. did it in the hotel
  6. we just went in the water. a little more than waist deep and fucked away. People on the shore probably could figure out what we were doing, but fuck em :)
  7. No but that sounds fantastic haha
  8. never had sex on the beach.

    sand in.. places....
  9. Condoms won't stop the crabs. Tread lightly.
  10. Ok so after it was all said n done, there was a bit of paranoia but the deed was done :D

    We just set up camp near the water and everything took it's course lol although someone would randomly be walking on the beach so there were some pauses but overall it was all good ;)

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