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  1. ive been thinking about society. it's sort of hard to know where to start. i just feel disillusioned about the whole idea of going to school, getting a job, then dying. first, i don't like the idea of school. it's not about learning, it's about making you conform. it doesn't educate you, although you do learn some things along the way. what it really does is it teaches you how to mindlessly work and take orders. the government shouldn't push this on people, if someone wants to learn they should read. society needs school so people can get jobs in order to support it. school isn't about having the knowledge for the jobs, it's about tricking you into thinking you need a job. money, jobs, success, and the american dream are all just ideas. society made them up and uses them as tools against us to help itself. i don't want a job and i don't want money. the only thing stopping me from leaving is that i need other people. if i decided i didn't want to be part of it anymore i would be completely alone.

    also, if you do anything they don't like they're allowed to put you in a cage for as long as they want.

    thoughts on this?
  2. the government is all about control. patriot act anyone?
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    Dude I feel the actually same way. In my weird opinion i find that the "powers" of the world (government, media, etc) have us all in a illusion of what life should be. School, fashion, how to act in relationships, almost everything is about conforming and even those who are against conforming are still stuck partly in its illusion. I am a novel writer and most of the concepts that I write about are about seeing through the illusions society places upon and to see that we are not free. I hope to try to help the world see this, but I'm not published yet.
  4. how many of these threads are there going to be? we get it, you dont want to go to school and you think the idea of money and the government is stupid but youre too pussy to leave society. yawn.
  5. Don't listen to what White Indian says

    I agree with you 100% man, society is really fucked up and its hard to break free from it. There is a rule for everything its bullshit...
  6. I agree somewhat with what you're saying. We're trapped in a cultural prison where we are basically forced to work the 9-5 job or starve. If we should choose to remove ourselves from the system then we are no longer afforded any rights by it and thus have no real protection. I feel like it's a catch 22.
  7. ^The bigger Catch-22 is that if you are with other people, you are in a society. If you find someone to go 'off the grid' with you, you would probably wind up sharing food and resources with them, which would make it a two person society. Pretty much the only way to escape society is to go it alone.

    OP isn't going to like this, but going completely off the grid is legally impossible (at least in America.) Even if you want to hunt/fish for your food and live off the land, you will need a hunting license which costs money or else you get arrested.

    Avoiding society is like trying to avoid casting a shadow. It is better to discover your own Middle Way... where you use society to your advantage without 'selling your soul' by getting so caught up in it's 'virtues.'
  8. does anyone ever just feel like becoming a bum,
    creating an underground network society of bums, across the nation
    that all work together, gathering money
    for something to come in teh future??
  9. I understand what you're saying, but I didn't mean escaping society in general, just one based off of capital and property rights.
  10. oh yeah...the system makes us slaves.

    those who dont want it are pushed to the fringes of society

    nutshell :smoke:
  11. no, listen to white indian. if you dont have the talent, courage, or passion to live out the life you want then dont blame the restrictions of society for your tragically mediocre existence when the blame clearly falls on you. the idea to live life how it makes sense to you has always been painfully obvious to me (and im an idiot). so if typical people cant figure out this self-evident fact of life then they dont (in my opinion) deserve the freedom that comes with following their will, they sould just live out their pathetic lives.
  12. it seems to have sparked an interesting discussion. the point of the thread was to see what other people thought about the topic in general, rather than just the original post. i understand where you're coming from though. although i don't use this specific forum often, i can imagine this is a common idea, especially among weed users.

    perpetual burn brought up in interesting point; it's illegal to live completely "off the grid" in this country. if you don't participate in the system on some level, you'll die. even a homeless person who begs for money has to spend it on food, which supports society. i don't blame the government for this really. if everyone hunted it would destroy the environment because of our technology and high population. we have too many people to sustain through traditional means. despite our lives being relatively easy and our high standards of living, i can't help but feeling gipped by being born in this day and age. i missed the mark by 100 years or so. i suppose if i really wanted to i could move away.
  13. isnt that sort of a commune?...well, sort of :smoke:
  14. of montreal, I think you would enjoy the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.
  15. it hasnt sparked anything interesting. talking about the dehumanising affects of modernity is about as profound and thought provoking as saying the earth revolves around the sun: its old news.

  16. just read the wiki, it looks pretty interesting. i think i'll pick up a copy tomorrow. thanks.

    i don't give a shit if you find the thread interesting or not. i do, everyone else in the thread does. read something else.
  17. op would probably like 1984 too...

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