On Shotgunning and Boys

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  1. Is it still considered intimate, or not so much anymore?

    I met this guy a while back, he smokes a lot, I thought he was really cute but didn't have any reason to think he was into me, except that he offered me a shotgun. At first he said "oh I'll give you a shotgun sometime", and then the first time we smoked together nothing happened, then when we were out he said "oh shit I forgot to give you a shotgun". Second time, we did it twice. Our lips touched on the second one and I was happy about it but played cool- I didn't want to read into it too much.

    I spent HOURS hanging out with this guy- I'm talking 6, 7, 8 hours at a time- and we got along really well, but he just seems like a really chill guy and I have a feeling he'd do that with anyone he got along with.

    Shortly after we met he went out of town and won't be back for a couple months. I paid him a lot of attention at first and even mailed him a gift, but lately I've tried to back off and I haven't been completely forthcoming about my feelings because I'm terrified of rejection. I felt like I really connected with this dude, but all I've got to go on is the fact that our lips touched while we were smoking.

    Which I'm assuming could mean a lot, or nothing, right? I dunno, boys, will you do that with a girl you're not at all attracted to?
  2. he sounds like hes into you, but that he is just afraid to make a move, sounds like your going to have to wear the pants in this one if you want it to go anywhere.
  3. ya I agree with hobo

    I don't know many dudes that shotgun other dudes unless they are homosexual
  4. whoa whoa whoa first off to the dude above^^ i shotgun my homies all the time and were not gay lovers or anything.. and to the op i think he is into i used to blow guns to this chick i used to like all the time thats how we kiss for the first time haha i went to blow her one and flip da blunt into my mouth at da last second lol romantic and smooooth
  5. the shotgun becomes intimate whenever you let your lips touch. My friends and all do the take a half a step back or put hand over the blunt. once someone does that and lips touch, def a sign. I say just wait till he gets back and hang with him some more. Hopefully he will grow some and tell you how he feels, but if not just tell him and take a chance. Its better to know and be wrong then to be right and never know.
  6. ok I mispoke my bad, if you aren't lips to lips it is different sorry ;)

    but ya if your mouth to mouth, your being intimate, it's that simpulll
  7. Yes but I wouldn't offer it. If he offered then he's probably into you. When he gets back into town ask him out on a date.
  8. I think so. Only girl I ever shotgunned I ended up dating
  9. guys? why would you shotgun a hit to your homie? why dont you just smoke like a normal person instead of blowing smoke into each others lungs, in my group of friends that is just gay, regardless of whether or not your lips touch.
  10. shotgunning is intimate if you kiss each other. i only shotgun with chicks that im attracted too, otherwise i pass them the piece :p
  11. Speaks the truth
  12. shotgunning is hot

    one a completely different note, I smoked some Ice Queen a good month and a half ago and that shit was bomb, so I approve of your name :smoking:
    have some rep while you're at it ;)
  13. Personally I'm a very shy person, and am VERY chill as you explained. Personally I like aggressive girls, as he may as well so... go in for a kiss or something and see how it turns out.
  14. You give each other shotguns in America, as a way of flirting?

    You guys really do like guns.
  15. If an ugly bitch offers to shotgun, im down.
  16. Make the move! If you guys seemed to be vibin' together and he's not seeing anyone then you should definitely see where it leads.:D
  17. hahahaaaaaaa lmaoooroflamoaolfolalmmlamlo
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