On probation, PO wants me evaluated for substance abuse problem. Any advice?

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  1. I got caught with weed over last summer. After going to court and getting a first time offenders deal I got probation. The probation deal in Virginia means that you're enrolled in a program called ASAP (Alcohol Safety Action Program), ironic because I don't even drink. While filling out all the initial paperwork and questionnaires I indicated the last time I smoked was a few days before my court date, almost six months after getting the ticket for possession. The probation officer said that since I indicated on the paperwork that I had smoked since my "arrest" (was never actually arrested, just got a ticket) that it was mandatory that I be evaluated for having a substance abuse problem. I have to go to some social worker and pay $70 for the initial evaluation and then if they deem that I have a substance abuse problem I'll have to pay for more classes for substance abuse on top of the ASAP classes that I've already dropped $400 for. How can I go to this appointment and convince these people that I don't have a substance abuse problem? I have a feeling that just because there's money to be made here I'm pretty much fucked and regardless of what I say I will be deemed to have an abuse problem and have to take these additional classes. While I don't want to sound like I'm in denial I don't think I have an abuse problem, although I don't think it's impossible to have a problem with smoking weed. I enjoy smoking weed but I'm very responsible with it. During the school semesters I don't smoke until after my homework and studying is done, I never smoke before work and I don't fool around with other drugs. Has anyone else here every dealt with this kind of stuff? What should I do to avoid even more BS?

    TL;DR Being evaluated for substance abuse problem because I smoked weed, what to do, what to do

    P.S. be careful where you smoke, getting caught with a gram has already cost me over $700 and I'm only a month into my probation.
  2. just take the classes. theres really no way out since you said you smoked weed
  3. Just don't talk about bud or anything during your visit, then they wont have anything to followup on right?
  4. if its the same type of eval i had to take its going to be like a 4-5 page multiple choice/true false/ long answer test of sorts (the long answer ones are like "describe how much you love being addicted to all sorts of drugs, we decided for you you already are so now tell us just how addicted you are" lol)

    the tests are designed to "sniff out lies" aka they ask you the same questions over and over in different wording to "assure" you cant lie on the test lol...

    example: How often do you smoke marijuana

    a:all day every day, mother fucker
    b: when i can
    c: infrequently
    d: i only tried it once

    then, a section later, just to fuck with you

    Would you say you are a regular smoker, or an irregular smoker

    see how the 2nd choice only leaves you the option of saying you are, no matter what, a pot smoker lol

    I wouldnt stress it, chances are the eval person is an idiot and knows nothing about anything, meanwhile the teacher of the class you get to take will know the truth about everything, and be forced to lie to you about it anyway lol
  5. Take a break, say you quit and you will submit to a drug test in 30 days to prove it or they can send you to the program. You should have just lied, honesty isn't always the best policy with the law.

  6. Nah, you have to take the evaluation to decide how the drug testing/counseling will work usually.

    I didnt even get drug charges and i had to get evaluated, lied out my ass, and still ended up on UA's and mouth swabs. There is no rhyme or reason to it hahahha
  7. Yea you dont seem like you have a problem so just be yourself.Or kiss some ass and act all anti-drug.
  8. All of this bullshit is going to make my heads explode. Fuck.

    Everything is so backwards. - In regards to weed and the OP's incident - the whole nine.

  9. lol i live in a state where weed is legal, i had a med card for 10 of the months i have been on probation. My charges arent drug/alcohol related.... i had to take daily breathalyzers for 3 months, then it was 10 a month (no more of them now though) then i had 4 UA's a month for 6 months... then 2 a month... now 2 mouthswabs a month...

    meanwhile, my roommate and his brother were up in the mountains drinking and smoking and such, not driving, but they went to their car to smoke a bowl... cop shows up... they both have med cards and hadnt lit up yet lol so that was all good almost, but the keys were in the ignition.... so he got a DUI and his brother got.... some ridiculous ticket i cant remember involving public use of mmj or some nonsense... neither of them had a single UA, or breathalyzer

    so why the fuck am i getting fucked?
  10. [​IMG]
  11. yea man, its bullshit lol

    i actually have a probation meeting here in like 30 mins, i could be getting off today, could be getting off in march, who knows, they dont, thats for fucking sure hahahaha

  12. That makes no sense. If you weren't a mod, I might not have believed you.

    That's just beyond ridiculous. Sorry to hear that shit. :mad:
  13. So wait, Sirsog - you're on probation in a LEGAL (now) state. You have a card. But you still smoke?

    And they let it slide, indeed? This goes into confusing territory for me. One law contradicting another.
  14. sounds a lot like a pre sentence investigation if its what sirsogs talkin about..

    theyll probably have you fill out a questionnaire haha and ask you a shit load of questions like check all the boxes for all the drugs youve done.. frequency of use, and whens the last time you used. Then youll more than likely have a probation officer sit you down and go over your answers and go into greater depth with you..

    just fuckin make it look like you rarely smoke weed.. its not hard

    i was fucked cause i was honest and checked about every box haha
  15. No. My card expired and I smoke very occaisonally because of mouth swabs. I have 2 per month so once my second one happens each month if I have enough days I can smoke
  16. To show you how random Probation can be, i had a 6 month extension on my probation, i was supposed to be off in november but they fucked up and i ended up fucked for their mistakes, whatever... cant do much when you are a "criminal"

    so i was signed on probo until the middle of march....

    and i just got set free hahahaha

  17. 2 months. I was on probation for the longest time from when I was about 16 until I was about... 25? I had to violate my probation (twice - because of WEED) to get a state sentence (state prison). Once that state bid was done, I was a free man. All of my state fines and probation fines were defaulted because once you do a state bid for that sentence, it's a rap with the money.

    But 2 months, dude. :) You can do eet!
  18. Lol I'm off as of today man. It was already 15 Months pretty much
  19. Oops, my bad.

    Then congratulations!!! :hello:

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