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On one hand I want to support the gay culture

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by rwilliams, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. On one hand I want to support the gay culture. Some people are just born gay. My cousin is gay. On the other hand it is very hard for me to do because all my friends frequently use slurs like "faggot" and say they don't hang out with gay people so I find myself doing the same, not because I have any hatred towards gays, but because sometimes I just go by the saying "when in rome, do as the romans" Thoughts/suggestions? Does anyone else feel pressured to hate gay people?
  2. Homosexuals deserve every right heterosexuals deserve but I really wish they would not have so many parades, they are a pain in the ass concerning traffic. But my opinion on parades is they all suck unless it's beautiful, naked women passing out joints and pitchers.

    edit: I haven't felt much if any pressure to hate on teh gheys, to answer your question.
  3. Lol born gay :p

    No-one is born straight/gay it's about how you are brought up and based on individual experiances.

    I have nothing against gay people, but I do not like the kind that are like "omg I am gay give me loads of attention everyone" then it turns out like a month later they are straight...
  4. people are people.

    plain and simple. don't look past that.
  5. personally i think that shit is gross but im cool with gay people as long as they dont bother me:cool:

    *edit* i love lesbians though!!!
  6. I don't mind gay people... They're just a little different sexually, (and aren't we all?)

    As long as they like... dont get on me or anything
  7. Nope. Never have, never will.

    In my experience with (especially) teen boys, most are threatened by gay guys bacuse they are still very unsure about and lack confidence in their own burgeoning sexuality; they think, for some strange reason that every gay they meet will be desperately attracted to them, and want to try and sodomise them; this rare;y happens.

    Your friends are ignorant now, but most of them will grow up into well-rounded individuals, once some of their peers reach an age and awareness where they start to come out. Don't allow yourself to be pressured by these people. My best friend in the whole World is gay, as are several other close friends and it means nothing; they are fabulous, kind, intelligent people, and not one has tried to hump my leg, or get into mysleeping back with me, ever.;)

    There's only one way to judge people, in my book; them that are wankers, and them that ain't!
  8. There is plenty to do to combat this situation, and if you're afraid your friends will call you gay and start to hate you, well... what type of friends do you have? I have a very strong dislike of the word "fag" or "faggot" or any variation of the word, and when ever someone says it in my circle, I always let them know that is not a very polite word. No one says it in my presense anymore atleast. So try something like that? granted most people in my circle aren't homophobic, but the term fag is still thrown out at time, and I always try to nip that one in the bud before they say it too much. The same thing would be done if they said ******, or any other slur.
  9. Exactly. One of my good friends is gay but it really doesn't change anything (plus he has good connects.)
  10. i hate the word faggot.

    i want to swing as hard as i can at people when they use that word.

    like so, "no way, that kid is a fucking faggot."

    you could have just as easily said douchebag, or asshole, or got knows how many other words to describe him, but you don't need to use a slur in every day language.
  11. im not against gay people in general. but as stated above if they do not try to come on to you, in my highschool there are a number of gay people and last year there was a gay guy in my class and later on that year i found out from a girl that i knew in that class that the kid admitted to liking me. and thats how it is around my school some of the gays are just all over hitting on straight guys and just not having respect for other people.
  12. its there life, not mine... but i must say i cant really stand to hear a gay man talk like a little girl. i dont like that... if i had to respect 1 gay guy, it would be karamo from real world... only gay guy ive actually seen NOT act that way. as for gay in general, i cant hate, its not me, ill befriend gay people and its not cool to descriminate against them. its there life, not mine.

  13. Forgive me, but your post typifies the kind of unwarranted paranoia I was referring to above. In one breath you say that this kid 'admitted to liking you', then in the next, you say all the gays at your school are sexual predators; so, which is it?

    Someone telling someone else they fancy you and being 'hit on' are not the same thing at all. If a girl you didn't fancy admitted to liking you, you would not be put out by that, so why be put out about this? It's almost like you think he'll rape you for not liking him back. Why so threatened?

    You need to chill out. Big style...It's 2006, Sugar.

    As for the 'born gay' argument, many of my gay pals claim they always knew that they were gay, and to be honest, I don't doubt it. My best friend is a prime example; I knew he was 'different' years before I had any idea what being gay was. I'd say he was born gay, for want of a better expression.
  14. amen brother, +rep
  15. Next time your friends get all homophobic on you start staring at their crotches and licking your lips.

    Reverse psychology. Im telling you.....

    Seriously though, prove to yourself that actually do have some balls and say whats on your mind.

    Just politely point out that they are closet homosexuals and thats why theyre so uncomfortable with themselves sexually. :p

    BTW, you dont have to love the entire gay community and everyone in it.... Youll meet gay people that you like and gay people that you cant stand. But it is wrong to harbor feelings of hatred for an entire group of people based on something that isnt even a deciding factor in ones personality. That doesnt really make much sense.
  16. i have absolutly nothing against gay people. i have many friends who are gay and even a cousin who is lesbian ( i love her just as much as ne other family member ) ... all throughout school i had friends who were gay, never had any problems with them. its there life and its there decision on how they choose to live it, as hard as it might be on a straight person to accept a gay person i can only imagine that it is more difficult for the gay person to gain acceptance.

    but like i told my friends... i have no problems with how you choose to live ur life... as it is THERE lifes, i will support them in any way that i can and when they need my help im not going to treat them ne different then neone else.

    what everyone fails to see is... black, white, asian, christian , jewish, buddhist, gay , straight... we are ALL HUMANS... when is the world going to learn that no matter what u are on the inside and how u are on the outside... we are all the same... we are all humans.

    sorry for my rant.
  17. Exactly, I've only met a couple gay people (at least, only a couple I knew were gay, I'm sure there are more that just keep their business private) and they're cool guys. One of them is flat out hilarious. When I was introduced to him, a friend of mine (his coworker) said, "Sean this is _____, he loves the cock." and the guy just laughs, says "yes I do" and that was it. We went out drinking. I was hanging out with a coupe girls I knew from school and I think he left with some dude. It's all good.
  18. I used to work with a gay guy. They actually give really good relationship advice. Because, generally homosexuals are more intune with a more sensitive side that most straight guys are afraid to show. Anyways, this guy was cool as hell, I never would have guessed he was gay until he told me. We always would drive around in the Bennets plant delivery van, smoking blunts, and laughing and just hanging out. Anyways, just a memory I love thinking about.
  19. Cheers for the awesome post! +rep
  20. um. ok, so, is micheal jackson a person? are child molesters people? are cannibals people? people are not people. we really need to look after people these days. your all fucking nutz

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