On my 5th week of flowering

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    Hey guys first time grower here.

    let me start by telling you this grow has cost me just under $10 its very ghetto and i know i need better lighting but what you guys think?

    -water it randomly
    -use some white stick things and miracle grow
    -try to always turn lights on and off and 7am and 7pm but sometime its up to 2 hours late lol.
    -bag seed
  2. hahah, looks pretty good for almost no supplies, i mean does she get complete darkness or just "kinda dark with no direct light" cos if you dont have money for or accesess to more lights and timers to get that extra two hours under control and shit i would atleast reccomend making sure during those dark hours, you make em DARK. No light leaks at all. if you can upgrade, the options are endless

  3. oh i know about the darkness thing. the first 4 weeks of flowering it was pitch black in a place we keep our towels :p now its in an entrance with a blanket covering the entrance way
  4. nice, subscribed

    ghetto as, i'd love to see where you go from this, it's a good start and your next will be better!
  5. haha nice man reminds me of my "ghetto" grows, sheets for dark and mis matched light sched, haha but hey looks like im gonna enjoy watching the progress cos shes lookin pretty good, id add some side lighting to fatter her up, youll appreciate the small invenstments.

  6. yes! i agree especially now
  7. good, you will agree more in a week or two:smoke: especially when u got some juicy fatt nuggies on the way and a new momma
  8. Looks pretty good for not much $ and attention. Do me a favor and prune off those nasty dead leaves on the bottom. ;)
  9. Looks koo wat nutes u using?
  10. Mybad switch up ur nutes
  11. what a waste of time
  12. Get sum more lite
  13. I need help on my week5 chek my thread

  14. good idea! what you do recommend

  15. just did, and thanks
  16. Is that a mirror you have reflecting the light? ;) Looks better than some I've seen. Its always a good idea to start small ane learn as much as possible.
  17. Get sum big bud.and ginormous ive been using its workin good for me

  18. Try ginormous by humoldtnutes
  19. id shoot for one of the beginer nute packages, there only about 25-40 bucks online and theres ones by gen hydro and tecniflora, i use the tecnifloria recp for sucess, and if you part out the stuff the kit contains its a really good deal and youll have veg, bloom, boost, and cloning covered. id look into it :)

  20. ok i will do that. i added another cfl light and a timer!

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