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? On Harvest

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by DeuceRollUP, May 28, 2012.

  1. How much longer would you say these have to go? First one is afghan kush Ryder, the other is auto pineapple express..These both have been growing way longer than the suggested seed to harvest time frame due to newbie mistakes..so now I'm left wit no guided time frame n was jus curious as to wat you all think..thanks in advance for any replies

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  2. They both look ready to me, pistols are more than 90% amber and retracted into the calyxes. If you want to be sure get a magnification device and check out the resin heads.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply..I was thinkin the same thing as you n felt they were ready, jus posted on here to get a second opinion..I do have a 30x loupe as well as a 60x-100x microscope n looked at the trichs..most are definitely cloudy, few are still a lil transparent, n there's a couple amber here n there..wats your personal preference on when to harvest according to trich color?
  4. First pic: ready to snip
    Second pic: wait 5 days to snip
  5. My preference is to harvest at about 10 - 25% amber (unless I want a couch-lock stone), but if a large majority are at least cloudy, you're within the peak of maturity.

    you will have less THC and more CBD if you wait until the majority of the trichromes have turned amber.
  6. they both look ready to me..I'd say chop em and focus on the next round.
  7. Thanks driftingapart..I was thinkin maybe goin for 30% but I'll shoot for a lil less..n Hendrix, funny thing is I actually took those pics approximately 6 days ago last Tuesday..fan leaves on both plants are mainly yellow now..I was also wondering if I've been using all organic nutes (nectar of the gods) is a flush still necessary..I did water with only ph'd water last feeding which caused a lot of the fan leaves to yellow, but I didn't really "flush" it cuz I didn't drench them, n there wasn't much run off
  8. Yea bongsauce..thats thee number one reason why I wanna get'em out soon aha
  9. I prefer the head high so I always pick mine predominantly cloudy, but its all up to your taste. If you want something with a body stone, wait a week till you get more amber. Either way they look like a couple of great plants, enjoy!

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