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  1. I know I know I need to read the threads but honestly I cant really find one that explains this process for me. Is it the same as topping but just doing it to all the branches or what?
  2. if you click on "search" and type "fimming" you'll get the info your looking for.
  3. if you know how to top, you know how to fim. in topping, you cut the whole "sprout" off, the new growth i mean. in fimming, you just cut off the tips of the leaves on that same sprout. not the whole big ball like you would for topping. if you check out rola's original thread, dier did a good job explaining how its done with diagrams and such.
  4. I read that with FIMing, you cut 90% of the growth tip on the plant. Since you do not remove all al the growth tip, this will force the plant to gorw a bunch of new tops. Topping will create 2 new tops. FIMing will create several.
  5. Just bend it my friend, "LST" is what it is, why would ya want to cut off the biggest bud site? I have 4 plants that are 7 inches tall and all have more then 10 tops ( bud sites) and no Fimming or topping just tying down and pruning so they get light, If I didn't tie it down doing LST I would have a 15 inch plant right now with lower stringy buds, now I should see some better bud production. I have topped and FIMmed plants before in the past and well ya get multiple tops but 1st you shocked it, and 2nd you have to wait a week or so for recovery, 3rd can cause hermies from the shock, but I have seen LOTS of people's success with topping and Fimming, just try LST theres no recovery time just massive growth and bud sites emerging to the top for a level canopy, and thats what you want to max your yield out.
  6. FIMming is such a great tech...I used it on my current AK grow. instead of removing the whole node like in topping the idea is to only remove anywhere from 20-90%...each cut will produce a slightly different branched nodes...could get up to 8 new nodes... most I ever got is 4...on average i get 2:D takes practice and time to learn...any can do it

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