On every nod starts new branches

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I dont know, if its normal, but on every nod stars new branches. And i topped only once. I have feminized Special kush. Thanks for answers.
  2. Picture is worth 298848326726 words. Just sayin.
  3. you will have to show pics so we know exactly what you mean but generally more branches is good
  4. Idk maybe its normal, but i am afraid that they are already in flowering stage.
    IMG_20170712_145801.jpg IMG_20170712_145842.jpg IMG_20170712_145943.jpg
  5. Looks like a normal plant to me.
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  6. Do you think that its in vegetative stage? And can i prune leaves that are beside main stem?
  7. That's veg state.
  8. Thank you for answear and would you prune her?

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