On average, when does a plant really start to stink

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  1. The reason im asking is that I just found out that its warm enough under there that I can start them in here then move them outside....lets say around middle of may thats when it gets pretty hot around here.

    the crawl space is about 5ft high and I have two power outlets there

    I have some dutch passion auto fem seed Sativa
    Origins - sativa haze x haze
    Flowering - 63-77 days

    what kind of lamps do I need

    Like I said I would like to move them outside around the middle of may when should I be starting to germinate them
  2. 2 or 3 weeks into flowering and it gets progressively worse.

    I'd either use a Metal Halide lamp, a mixture of CFLs or a vege appropriate LED panel ideally -

    Run the light on 18 hours and off for 6 - This will prevent your plants from flowering whilst they're inside the house.
  3. when they talk about flowering is that when buds are starting to form....so when the company say 63 -77 days to flower is that from the time you gerninate the seed to the time its ready to harvest
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  5. Yes when the first little white hairs (pistils) have begun to show - the plant turns its attention to producing seeds -

    In nature the males release there pollen and the female flowers (buds) become filled with big unsmokable seeds - we obviously dont allow this to happen so the flowers - which are very smelly to attract pollinators - start to become smellier and smellier

    Its the plant form of sexual frustration.

    Typically when a seed company says 70 days to harvest - they're referring to the point that the light was switched to a 12-12

    If you are planning on finishing your plants outside then these dates probably wont mean anything really because the plants will continue to vege for a while when they're placed outside.
  6. With photoperiod plants what you see for flowering time is an estimation of how long it will take once you flip to 12/12. However, with autoflowers they are usually advertised by how long it takes from germination to harvest.

    Autoflowers do not need a 12/12 light cycle to flower, and will flower at about three weeks old regardless of where they are or how much light they get each day.

    Unless you plan to spend money on a good hid setup you are better off waiting to germinate until about three of four days before you can plant. Then just plant them outside to start with. While photoperiod plants can get a jump start on the veg season, autos really can't. Having them under low light even a week or two is really only going to effect your yield negatively.

    When you start on autoflower, you are essentially starting countdown to harvest. Any amount of time with less than optimum conditions cannot be recupirated, and will effect yield.
  7. As far as odor, I have seen plants start smelling anywhere after a few weeks in veg. By week three of flower it can get very strong and by harvest can be unlike anything you have ever smelled.
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  9. 5 weeks in mine start to smell the room up whether in flowering or veg stage.

    So a little after a month.
  10. Vege cannabis plants dont smell that strong - compared to tomato plants lets say - obviously this is a completely subjective statement.

    the amount of volatile oils the plants leaves produce is nothing compared to when the buds start forming - its almost an exponential increase in smell - as the plant matures.

  11. no ... its not 63-77 days to flower, its 63-77 days AFTER the plant has started to flower. So its saying your plant normally takes 9-10 weeks to flower ... you still have to grow it in veg
  12. I'm in the 5th week and if I go into the tent it's starting to smell.

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