on anything right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. adderal-90mg
    marijuana-4 bowls
    mushrooms earlier today, still got the wavy type feeling. post away if youre fucked up!
  2. GEN-NAPROXEN 500mg 2X a day
    NOVO-CLINDAMYCIN 300mg 4x a day
    PMS-HYDROMORPHONE 4-6MG every 4 hours.

    and a little maryjane too;)
  3. only a few natural lights.

  4. aaahhh.. yum yum
  5. im on a pair of boxer shorts, which is on some khakis, which is on some leather, which is one some cotton and metal, which is on some plastic, which is on some vinyl, which is on glue, which is on some wood, which is on more wood, which is on some dirt, which is on some rocks, which is on a big ball of hot liquid maaaaag-ma.

    and some dope :D
  6. I'm on the internet.

    and hachish or whatever the spellin'

    (in france we nickname it shit, which easier to spell , but I wouldn't say I'm on shit.. ma guess is you wouldn't either..)
  7. im on nothing right now.... but im gunna be drunk in a few minutes... might go smoke... but im so damn tired i dont want to move.... i got half a botthe of bacardi 151!! its soooo good... mm thristy ..::reaches over and takes a swig::..


    it burns sooo good

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