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  1. Recently got with an old friend (girl). Things are looking up. I have papers, blunt wrap, and I made my way into austin and purchased a pipe, so I have a few methods of smoking, 2 working full lighters, munchies, a 4 day weekend (no work :hello: ) and no bud..... But I have $40. So I am on a quest to find bud by thursday. *sigh* I either have bud, and no lighter/way of smoking, or pipes/papers/lighters/ and no bud.
  2. I'm on a quest to save Tamriel in Oblivion.
  3. word??Im on a boat..
  4. Dude that game is so epic! Bethesda needs to come out with TES V soon!
  5. ^ fuck yeah, but it wont come out for years, those games take so much time to make.
  6. Word! Oblivion is sick.

    Ontopic: Cool Story :bongin:

  7. Bethesda said something in some press conference in london that its supposed to be due for 2011, but...they all say that
  8. this should be the official Elder scrolls V thread hahahaha
  9. having the same problem,
    on the quest for dank
  10. ^the rewards in your quest are far greater than the rewards in oblivion my friend.
  11. Zing. Got another $20, so I got $40 worth of dank.

    Dank bud,

    My weekend

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