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  1. i think i laid it out very clear: prepandemic and "pandemic" which is where THE WORLD is still at.

    yes, it was a cut-n-paste from the wh website. was that a problem?

    someone asked for an example of just "one thing" trump has done for the country. i never said or implied "all good". i'm not blind or ignorant. most importantly i'm not stupid.

  2. yes he does. wherever a supremacist exists "he burns it all down". supremacy of self is a poison to the soul. we all bleed red.

    down with "supremacy" of thought. supreme compared to what?
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  3. Maybe we have different ideas on what "swat like a fly" means. Trump stuck with Sessions far longer than he should, nothing happened to Vinman, and I don't know anything about Berman. Perhaps the way Trump hits back when he's attacked bothers you but that's more like self defense.
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  4. Can you highlight one instance where Trump has granted that anyone has accomplished or bequeathed something that benefits him? As the greatest, best, most of everything under scrutiny, he numbs the senses of those who try to follow along much less fact check his driveling diatribes.
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  5. do you not think that billions of people see through his facade? focus on his hands - what he does - not what he says. anyone with ears knows he talks a lot of smack. there's a lot of dems et al talking a lot of smack. so, is it a question of who is the most self-aggrandizing or the most full of smack talking BS?

    it's inappropriate imo but it's just spitting venom from his bully pulpit. dont take it personal is what i suggest.
  6. Enough angst and anger to fill up a page
    filled with despair while bursting with rage
    look to a charlatan when offering hope
    ignoring the noose at the end of his rope
  7. Speaking of angst and anger, which side is actually burning down cities and communities?
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  8. With video evidence of police and other psuedo LEO spurring antagonists and abusing those who "defy authority" once again the argument is that it is the fault of protesters?

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    I am a white, with 99.6% European ancestry, according to a DNA ancestry test that I took. Are you a white person? If the answer is "yes", would you consider yourself to be in favor of racial quotas, affirmative action, slavery reparations, taxpayer subsidized housing projects other programs, that some liberals have promoted, for people of African American descent?
  10. So you admit you are as much an immigrant as say.......someone "scaling the wall".......????
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  11. Unless youre an original native American then we all are - but there needs to be a cap on the amount of immigrants allowed in - and I say this only due to resources available.

    I also say this moreso for “people scaling the wall” vs folks going about immigration the right way; filing the papers and going through due process.

    The killer for me is that I’ve worked with many spanish guys over the years and theyre one of the most hard working groups of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They work hard all day long and don’t complain - but immigrants still need to go about entering America the right way and not scaling the wall in the dead of night.

    I think America has gotten to a point where we can only realistically allow X amount in each year - and not just everyone that wants it - and I say this very unfortunately.

  12. OK, I MIGHT even agree with you on this Jerry......but WHY do we have to cap "the immigrants" from the southern boarder??? IF "WE" REALLLLLLLY CARE ARE any and all immigrants coming in illegally......then we would need a wall just as big on our northen boarder as we do on our southern one.....right??????
  13. I dont know enough about it dude - I havent watched the news in 25 years. I’m guessing it’s because way more enter illegally via southern borders.
  14. So you burn your own house down because cops use heavy handed tactics sometimes?
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    That depends on how it's looked at. I have Indian ancestry, the last full blooded Native Americans in my family history were alive a few hundred years ago. They married European settler ancestors of mine, and were 8th to 9th great grandparents. Many Whites, and African-Americans, have more Indian ancestry than I do, and virtually all Native Americans have European ancestry.

    The Indians themselves were immigrants, albeit thousands of years ago, from Siberia I believe, but some of their own university professors insist on teaching that they sprung up in the Americas, which is preposterous from a historical and scientific view, yet they get paid to perpetuate these myths.
  16. Doesn't Canada already have a wall.
  17. ???
  18. That I or you are a "white person" is a false narrative - we are human beings simple as that. The call is to realize that other "races" are as well. Societal and systemic manipulation of the mind pits us all against each other. Religion and nationalism does the same. Recognizing that we all share the resources of this planet means that we should work together. The downtrodden and huddled masses aren't our enemy and they shouldn't be vilified and victimized.
    Not the message I intended to convey; I fear that Trump's lack of empathy and amorality is so egregious that those who excuse and encourage him will lead him to further criminalize and terrorize those who he considers his enemies. Sadly, that list only grows rather than dwindles. He is the hunter and we are all the prey. His wife and children aren't loved ones, they are possessions. His followers aren't peers, they are soldiers in the army of his acquisition.
  19. But that’s not what’s happening. His supporters aren’t the ones rioting, looting, and destroying communities. His “enemies” are the ones actually terrorizing cities trying to push an agenda that I’m sure a majority of Americans would disagree with, not pertaining to police brutality. This BLM movement has morphed into more of anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-white movement. IMO these people would still be terrorists and enemies even if a democrat was president currently. Trump and his rhetoric can be seen to cause division, but the media is more to blame for the current state of division that we are seeing. You also have to remember, this didn’t start with trump. This preceded his presidency by a few years, if not longer.
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