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  1. Or in the coal mines...

  2. You don't have any children garrison do you?
  3. I'm sure at this point a lot of people have annoyed Trump so who has he "swatted like a fly" for doing so? Can you name a couple?

    I think Trump's motivation to improve America is to make himself look good but a better America benefits us all. What do you think Joe Biden's burning desire to be president stems from?
  4. Does the name Jeff Sessions ring a bell? Alexander Vindman? John Berman?
    To reestablish the tarnished image of America on the World stage may be one of Biden's motivations To restore the faith of the American people in their own Government may be another. My speculation on his calling is less important than my feeling that his conduct and character is more forthright and altruistic than that of Trump, who at every turn reveals himself a shallow and petty tyrant with no regard for those he is charged with serving. All my arguments can't replace what you hold to be true but I'm hoping our shared opinion this country is best led by those who place their own interest secondary to that of the American people. By continuing to downplay the impact of this pandemic and a willful desire to shift responsibility away from his lack leadership he reveals himself to be unfit to captain this ship. Obviously misleading the people who believe in his opinions puts them at risk for making ill informed decisions that put us all in jeopardy. My son serves in the military and I don't rest easy fearing that he will be called to action in response to the edicts of someone who doesn't believe in the intelligence community tasked with overseeing this nation's security. I believe his interests outweigh those he is responsible for. With that, I yield the mic.
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  5. This is correct, I have chosen to not have children.
  6. I wish the very best for your son, whoever is the president, but Trump is highly unlikely to take out country into war, based on the last 3.5 years of his being in office.

    I furthermore think that he was absolutely correct in calling the generals and Pentagon officials, "Losers, dopes and babies", regarding our extensive, almost unbelievable, amount of time in Afghanistan.

    It is obvious that Trump is a peaceful man, not interested in long, drawn-out exercises in futility, which is what the Afghanistan campaign was.

    If it turns out I'm wrong, should something happens to disprove this before his term is finished, or during his next term, so be it, but his record speaks for itself, and he certainly does not seem like a warmonger.
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  7. He has given ample evidence of being the same saber rattling bully behind the courage and sacrifice of those who serve without the conviction to stand and be counted. His decision to assassinate Soleimani put at further risk those in harm's way and is clearly a war crime. All justifications of said, provide continued and flagrant flouting of grey areas with no regard to those who will suffer from repercussions of this act.
  8. I'm sure that Soleimani had it coming, we got rid of a very dangerous and deadly person. It was seven months ago, we've had no new wars, and no major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since Trump has been in office. This is what makes a president above average, in this day and age.
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  9. None is so blind as he who refuses to see. "He had it coming" is further acceptance of an illogical despot with no acknowledgement of the crumbling reputation of America as a nation ruled by law and bolstered by the world community that more openly laughs in the face of this current administration. This man who you excuse continually spits in the face of our allies while congratulating those with ill intent.
    Tragically hilarious, rewarding the nefarious
  10. Do you really believe that - at this point - no matter who it is that ends up in the big chair?

    Just like the last several presidential elections the chosen candidates are tools.

    There isnt a win - we keep being given clowns to vote for.

  11. I drive around with an AK in my backseat, so if someone wants to road rage on me, well...
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  12. Hope you're keeping well and safe man. This Covid stuff must be keeping you busy.
  13. Your prose and choice of words, is quite a nice addition to this thread, and the site in general, but it's simply a way of saying that you don't like this man's personality. This country was doing fine before the pandemic, and will do so again, if Trump is still in the White House when things get back to normal. The reputation of America has been shaped overseas by lying publications, far-left leaders, and their media. We'll see how funny it is, if America comes out with the first safe, effective, cure for Covid-19 - and if we don't, we'll still beat the pants off our competition in other ways, if our leaders play their cards right. That's the game, and he who laughs last, well you know the rest.
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  14. Pretty words and high ideals seem to have little effect on hearts set in stone. Perhaps my own assumptions and assertions are in error. Feeling as I do on the character of Trump may blind me to the reality that my wife offers that they're all in it for themselves. She refuses to engage and indulge my passionate pleas for rationale and righteousness where none is likely to be found. Left to type furiously into the ether, I waiver between hope and despair. My soul burns for what I wish would be and my heart aches for what is.
  15. GDP down 32.9%, the greatest drop in our history. The ship's sinking but we're fine.
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  16. You forgot to include the part about a pandemic going on, Many manufacturing Jobs laid off for safety concerns, international travel and shipping coming to a grinding, screeching halt...

    blah blah blah.

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    Good move, to assign a designation of hopelessness to the majority of Americans who voted for Trump, and then have a philosophical, spiritual, or whatever it is, display of angst.

    The foreigners of whom you think so highly, refer to our country as "the states". They never, as least not in several generations, have shown any inkling of respect for our government, or our people, but they'll gladly take our money and other help. Trump's "attitude" is not easy to digest, and I wish it were better, but this is what they deserve. If you think that the assassination of a murderer in high places in Baghdad is a war crime, I could write notes, perhaps not as eloquently, as you do, regarding hopelessness and despair with regards to those who are horrified by this. Personally, I don't want anything to do with the Middle East, but people are unwilling to pay more for oil, and it would set us at a disadvantage to boycott them. I do not own a car, as I live in NYC where there is ample public transportation, but most people are not in this position, so we deal with nations that are opposed to anything that is different from themselves, which sometimes has very unfortunate consequences for both parties.
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  18. Riddle me this; if a white supremacist falls in the forest, does he burn it all down?
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  19. BINGO!
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  20. Thanks yo, and it is. I’m so ready for this shit to be over already.
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