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  1. That's a lot of talking points; forgive me if it takes me a while to fact check and assimilate all of them. Thank you for providing me with an outline of your interpretation.
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  2. You've no sense of humour do you Jerry. :)

    And if anyone has too much time on their hands.....
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  3. Bring it on Comrade. I have 3 armed donkeys and 4 ninja goats ready for your fancy dancy flying machines. :ninja:
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  4. now wait a minute there! goats? oh hell no. aint messing with ninja goats. no sirree bob. you win :smoke:
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    i had to think about this for a bit while i ripped a few bongs. besides the stink of an uncastrated billy what actually freaks me out about a goat is those horizontal pupils. i swear that has to come from another planet huh? thats some freaky stuff - goats that stare at men! throw ninja skills on top of all that: stench, horizontal pupils, ninja skills, that's a bad-assed billy man. that billy gonna butt me on the ass 'cause i'm running the other way! :eek2:

    edit: donkeys dont skeert me hombre. i'll disarm a damn donkey. :vaping: fuck those donkeys. i will fuck a donkey up. i don't care, bring two or three of them mf'ers but i aint messing with no goat smelling goat.:smoking:
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  6. The donkey is a tried and tested weapon of war Comrade. Just ask the US navy seals who were hunting Benny Laden in Afghanistan. With all their tech and gadgets they couldn't stop Benny riding out of Afghanistan into Pakistan on the back of a Jihadi Donkey.

    As for the goats, they're dangerous fuckers especially when they're horny. I've a billy goat that's tried to mount me a few times, bastards left my back black n blue.
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    see. this is a start for how we build an inclusive society - we include and we respect.

    and if we have any, a little bit of humor to smother any hate. i gotta work on this part, i'm a republican but i dont have a MAGA hat or a Trumpy Bear. i'm just a "regular republican".
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  8. With such a lengthy list of accomplishments, it is hard to respond in totality. There are a few glaring statements that leap off the page as pure propaganda voiced from Trump's perspective.
    "Under my Administration, veterans’ unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in nearly 20 years."
    "My Administration is providing more affordable healthcare options for Americans through association health plans and short-term duration plans."
    "We have begun BUILDING THE WALL. Republicans want STRONG BORDERS and NO CRIME. Democrats want OPEN BORDERS which equals MASSIVE CRIME"
    "We have reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions by 16 percent during my first year in office."
    Forgive me if I quote them out of order but I'm struggling to understand the belief in their validity.
    Searching Google style provides quite a distraction from my mundane daily routine but still doesn't shed light on your opinion.
  9. Your apology is accepted of course but as far as the world community goes, what countries do you see putting the interest of other countries ahead of their own? Can you name a couple? Are you sure there is a world community?
  10. Do you fact check all of Biden's talking points?
  11. To Ed, I stated I'm an idealist and while there might not be any countries that do, my vision of America should.
    To Jack, to be honest I'm so focused on how damaging Trump is that I haven't paid much attention to Biden.
    To everyone else, think long and hard on the example you leave for your children. If a starving dog appears on your doorstep, do you look for a pedigree or do you feed him because he is hungry. If your immediate argument is that you can't feed every starving dog then where do you draw the line?
  12. That's very noble. Hopefully you hold Biden to the same ideals.
  13. I am encouraged by what I consider a more conciliatory tone in our dialog. I'm struggling to stop projecting my feelings against Trump towards those who excuse him. By seeking to understand their motivations I hope to find our common ground.
  14. Here's the source. Credibility becomes questionable when objective reasoning and fact checking is implemented. As usual...

    Trump Administration Accomplishments | The White House
  15. I don't excuse Trump, I see his warts but I look at both candidates and compare their abilities and decide which could do the most to better America's standard of living.
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  16. Thanks Wak, I suspected as much.
  17. I appreciate that you want what's best for the country. I just fail to see how Trump provides that future. Selfish children don't play well with others and that's how I view him - ready to burn down the barn because he doesn't want anyone else to ride his pony.
  18. I can say more later perhaps, and this comes from an anarchist who would like to see all the government kidnapping, murder, theft, coercion, manipulation etc be abolished.

    Trump is a business man, he makes his money off of Americans disposable income, which has been largely destroyed. The globalists have been gutting the middle class for decades and I suspect Trump recogizes this, hence his appeal to Nationalism, or "America First". Most Presidents have bent the knee to globalist, I think a lot of Americans sensed this and decided a non-establishment character like Trump could be the solution.

    I don't think Trump has been all that great, but I do think he honestly wants what is best for America, whether you have to believe that is purely selfish or not.

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    We give enough away already. Most hunger is caused by people who have children that they cannot afford. If people can't afford to feed their children, then perhaps they should not have them. That's the basis of it. Societies with this problem need to open up orphanages, keep them compassionate and free of degenerate overseers, and put the starving kids in a good environment where they can be cared for by trained professionals.
  20. Don’t we all know the answers,
    But it is those who are in power and have been in power over these things that make the decisions. They usually get there through word of mouth, ties, and other pulls that they clearly haven’t done the work to deserve.
    Humans by nature are greedy, unless they convince themselves otherwise.
    I hold no expectations to politics, the news, etc for they are just simple minded people trying to get ahead. And for that I have no reason to complain.
    Make your own world and stay in it.

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