omnomnomnomnom...delicious creation...very easy (look, you'll be happy you did.)

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  1. Ok, get some oats, uncooked. Then get some brown sugar and butter, put some butter in a sautee pan (small one), a couple teaspoons of brown sugar (want the butter to turn tan evenly. Not too much, not too little. It helps hold the oats together), and mix. add the oats in, add some cinnamon for taste, soem honey to help gunk things up, walnuts, pecans, peanuts if ya want. Anything deilcious baically. I just made a walnut, pecan, dried cranberry, oats n honey, butter and sugar, semi sweet chocolate, peanut and ...(brasil nut i think?), and a dash of cinnamon crunchy treat...

    nom nom.

    cook on low heat till the pieces start to clump up...i just eyeball it. Dont make it too sweet, its not good that way and you'll feel like shit after eating it. bulk it up with good stuff.

    if u want, let it cool and harden....very fun to eat :)
  2. Dude, you are SO fucking high right now..
  3. Or just make oatmeal!!

  4. Omnomnomnomnom is a funny word.

  5. why eat bread crumbs when you can make fried chicken?
  6. fried chicken and koolaid :cool:
  7. fuck im hungry

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