omnimax scary experience

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chronikk, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. i went to a theatre and watched a movie on the omnimax theatre it was huge and soo trippy ive done it before and had no problem but this time i was REALLY high off like 2 grams of DANK shit so i was tripping out so bad and i started panniking and my heart was beating like shit and i could feel the blood pressure rising and i got sooo fucking scared i thot i might have a stroke or heart attack:eek:
  2. omg omnimax would be sickkkk high. Isn;t that when you have like a dome over you, and your almost surrounded by the video?
  3. ^Yup thatd be the one. It is definitly a trip even sober
  4. haha. oh my god i did that once!:D, i thought i was the only one who had. i almost fell forward! extremely awsome experience... very freaky tho
  5. what movie we're you watching anyways?
  6. what did you see?
  7. i watched fighter pilot .. and yes in the dome thing .. it was like jet airplanes and stuff and like they were training and shit it was fucking awesome but after like 10 minutes i got sooo scared and i thot my heart was ganna jump outt am chest
  8. ever see that south park episode.. there controlling your brain man GET OUT OF THERE!
  9. hahahaha welcome to the plana-arium... i canna pronounce the "et" becuz of my brain good episode

    but yah imax theaters are the shit...the Jordan's furniture stores here even have them..they are soo cool i wanna see some of the outer space ones looks fuckin cool and will get jme thinkin too
  10. Oh man, Star Wars on the Imax in Houston was absolutely incredible. Those huge space battles nearly made me piss my pants!
  11. Omnimax and Imax are different, Imax are just big ass screens, Ominimax are the have the big ass dome that is all around you and uses the special extra big imax film.
  12. that does sound phat as hell, around this way they show actual movies at our imax and shit (star wars, harry potter, etc.) i need to go to that high sometime.

    or maybe trip some fucking 2ci and do it.
  13. saved me the time of typing that :D thanks

    Yeah imax really isnt that big of a deal, just a slightyly larger screen, no big thing

    omnimax is ridiculous, i would probably puke if i was high watching that. i already feel a little queezy when watching it normally....damn i havent been to one of those ina LONG time, i think its about time though
  14. yeah i havent been to imax before .. like ive never been to imax before but i been to omnimax a couple of times and it was soooo trippy even without weed so now i was like yeah ima call some frenz and smoke and go watch a cool movie .. but i felt like my brainz were ganna exploddde

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