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OMMP (Oregon)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Subliminal*420, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Just curious, every year having your card u have to renew it, correct? And to do so, do u have to have follow up doctor appointments throughout the year before renewing? Or is it just a fee to renew it every year?? Thanks GC!
  2. It costs $75 a year to renew and you have to have an annual checkup. A lot of clinics have a list of doctor's that will do your check up for you.

  3. Actually it is the same cost each year. The state gets $100 or $20 if low income. If you go to a clinic they give you a small discount for renewing with them. Cost range from $150 to over $200.

  4. So i DO need to have doc follow ups throghout this last yr? I gave up on the damned doctors from kaiser, thats why i got my card in the first place, im done dealing with their run-arounds.. lol .. hope i will still be able to renew it!! Thanks GC!

  5. Yes you DO have to get a follow up every year.

  6. Are you sure? According to Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine, if you have OHP then it cost $75 to renew each year.

  7. Is that their clinic fee? The state gets paid each year - which sucks for permanent problems.

  8. As far as I know it's the total amount you pay. You have to pay $175 for your card initially, the clinic fee is waived. Then as long as you get your check up ever year, you have to only pay $75.

    I don't have my card, this is all hearsay from one of my dealers who has it.

  9. It may be the exam fee. The state gets their $$$$$$$ - $100 or $20 state fee.

  10. Hmmm. Well I'll call them and I'll let you all know what I find!

    Wouldn't the state get their $$$$$$$ from the insurance?

  11. Not covered by any insurance.

  12. OHP for sure
  13. I find the concept of such steep of an annual fee to be ridiculous because those of us w/ CHRONIC problems have just that, chronic (meaning of long standing and not going to ever br free from) problems. It's like my baldness, the hair isn't coming back.

    I'm sure it costs the state some money to administer the program, but it would cost them $o if it were legalized and let us buy or grow our own w/o state overseerers. Of course I'm happy that in our state we can have it at all. It's a start at least.

    Rant mode: off
  14. Sooo, the state has a financial incentive to keep things the way they are. I wonder how high the numbers of MMJ patients will get in OR after a few more years. Maybe they will soon be making more $$ giving out annual cards to sick people than tax$$ from everyone else if it were legal.

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