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Omicron Vape pen review

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Atomic Bong, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hey GS

    Just picked up a new toy today. The Omicron Vape pen from THC Scientific. I got it for $200 out the door at The Green Door in SF. It came with 2 batteries, 5 refillable cartridges, a case and a charge (wall/usb). Same price they advertise on their website so I am happy.

    I really like this device. I feel like it was money well spent. I have used the trippy stick/ ivapor rx and honestly it doesnt even compare. Its on a whole different level. My friends have had broken cartridges where it tasted like burnt cotton, and they are never available at the clubs. The great thing about the omicron is you can refill yourself with your own extract/oil.

    I picked up a gram of afgooey super melt from Harborside, Oakland and filled up one of the catridges. This thing got me ripped! I easily hit it over 100 times and its still going really really strong. I havent finished it yet but the manufacturer claims an easy 400+! The taste is very strong of extract and packs more of a punch than the ivapor. It does smell a lot more like weed than the ivapor.

    Was hitting this thing in the car in traffic and its so much easier than smoking. I was even driving behind a cop and I didnt think twice about it.

    also filling the cartridges is a lot easier than you'd expect.

    The only flaw I have found is that there is no instructions online how to use the damn thing. I learned from a youtube video. Basically you hold the button for 3 seconds, let it go and rip it slowly. Really tastes amazing!!




  2. I'm seriously considering trying one of these! How many hits does it take to get you well? Also, is that (the last pic) what it uses? I was under the impression it had to be more of an oil?

    Thanx for the post.
  3. shits sick right? i got one that I take to the movies. You honestly dont think twice about it when your using it.
  4. I am enjoying mine also. This thing rocks.

  5. I'd definitely recommend it! i'd say it takes about 5 good rips to get me high but id kind of addicting so I just keep hitting it lol..
    its amazing.. ive had the same cartridge for 3 days.. over 400 hits and its still going strong..!

    Yeah thats what I put it in. It looks solid but that stuff is wax..it melts down into oil with little heat.

  6. :smoke: it is really one of the sickest gadgets ive had in a loooooong time
  7. Then you have not seen my Automatic panty remover i have in my car.

  8. I prefer to do that myself.
  9. I just picked this up at the Cannabis Expo last night with my homie for $100. Went halfsies. Dude was asking $150 for it, but he hooked it up maddddd fat. Even threw in a gram of super silver haze oil for us to try out since we didn't have any oils yet. FOR FREEE. Still tedious filling it up if you don't have a dropper though..but still a great pen.

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