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  1. My "friend" just realized that by smoking marijuana (a natural physical herb) - and doing research and watching the documentary about DMT (or psychedelics) that it allowed him to fully absorb what was being said in the documentary, with full comprehension... wow, what a world that has been barely explored.

    Simple version: DMT (psychedelics) is like taking a drug in the movie LIMITLESS that allows you to explore a world like THE MATRIX and find the ability and means to think 500 steps ahead of everyone else and become the "legends" of the history books...

    Why is Christopher Nolan so interested in dreams? He wanted to make Inception years and years ago but never felt like he perfected the story/world enough to a marketable standard for film production... until recently. Do you get what I'm saying?

    The key to everything, is right in front of us.
    It takes a transformation of person to want to reach out and take that key... and it takes another transformation to come back from the other world, and apply it to the physical world, not the metaphysical one.

    Mind. Blown.

    I'll end there.


    * and this happened to be my 100th post by "chance"... fabulous.

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