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  1. GAS IN OHIO HAS JUST JUMPED TO 6$$ 7$$ a gallon.
    no fukin way
  2. i think maybe he was pullin my leg.
  3. out here it is 4
  4. I was just at a gas station in Cincinnati and the prices were the same. There were a lot of people buying gas though.
  5. I don't usually like the mealy mouthed little fuck, but our esteemed Senator Nickles sent notice that any gas station operators or corp.'s that participate in price gouging will be investigated. I heard it started to go up to $3 in Tulsa but it came right back down.
  6. it had gone up to 5$ in lancaster oh, but came right back down...
    i really would be happier if i were blissfully unaware.
  7. Gas prices here shot up only 10 to 20 cents a gallon. Higher than they have been but not as high as it was last spring.

    On another note, you can't find a single shotgun shell, rifle or pistol ammunition for sale at Wal Mart. God Bless the South, gas prices hold steady but everyone stockpiles ammunition for their guns.

  8. Or you just use a bike as much as possible.
  9. 50.0 cents a litre, flat rate, year round. My family own the gas station >:-D
  10. wat the fuck theyre are gettin you guys its only two fitty round here
  11. This was post- 911 dawg. One day after 9/11:eek:

    This is history my man.
  12. haaaaaa dude i thought it was from today telll me dat brotha aint shot out
  13. You think that's bad? It's like $8.60 per gallon here. :(
  14. Your user panel is wide, not that you'll ever see this though.
  15. damn son. only 2.97 here, and thats ridiculous to us.
  16. I remember gas statiosn lining up on 9/11 and the day after. shit was crazy
  17. kinda eerie
  18. Holy shit lol this is ancient.
  19. where the fuck do you guys live that a paying $5+?

    2.60/gal here and thats pretty much the average.

    edit: nvm fail necro thread.
  20. about the same in FL...the day it gets to 5 or 6 here...i think ppl would riot in the streets lol

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