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Omg Who Put The Weed In The Brownies?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Toxic Toker, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. weapons of mass destruction. lol 19 teachers didnt get sick, they just got high. I dislike the media....
  2. yeah i know. Everyone quit smoking your weapons of mass distruction and getting sick you fellons
  3. hahahahaha thats whats up.
  4. To the teacher, they did get sick. Think about it, you are a clean sober individual who's never been high, so you eat a brownie, and then get high. You have no fucking clue what caused that reaction. Hell, even though I have been high, if I ate something that I didn't know had weed in it, I'd probably still freak out thinking I was sick... because those teachers had no fucking clue what was happening with their bodies.

    Very STUPID prank... giving stoners a bad name.
  5. No offense im gonna have to cal you a BITCH

    it was hilarious, sure the teachers had bad trips for about 4-6 hours but hey they fucking deserve it, they preach that its such a bad drug and now they finally felt how bad it really is.

    Revenge of the Chronik
  6. How do you know what they preached, do you know the teachers personally, or did you just lump all teachers together. To be honest, in my entire schooling career (halfway done with college now) I've never had one teacher touch the subject of marijuana use. You have no clue what these teachers were preaching. Sure some spout useless myths, but you have no clue what these teachers discussed. Fact remains, it's not a funny prank... put yourselves in their shoes. You eat a brownie, and now you're are 100% not sober; they had no fucking clue what they ate. It's a childish, and immature prank.
  7. I've got to agree with Jonsi about this one, I think every individual has a choice about what they put into their body, although the government has yet to acknowledge this.
    Its a two way street buddy, if you believe people have the right to chose what they consume, then we should be allowed to smoke/eat/vaporise/snort whatever drugs we want, and people who don't want to should be given just as much respect. (I'm sorry if this doesnt make sense i tried. haha)
  8. although i KIND of think it was funny

    i am against giving people drugs without them knowing it. regardless of how harmless it may have been it should be their choice what they ingest. This kind of thing only allows the media to go full force about how bad marijauana is, and people will believe the crap the news people say about it too
  9. dude they sound like good ass muffins, i want some
  10. O man a terrorist task force for WEED. thats funny.
  11. that was wrong of them to do that...

    buts its funny as hell...
  12. Although it was pretty funny, it is kinda inmature... but 10 years!!
  13. fuck that you expect me to believe they got sick and not high, you know that one of those 19 teachers has gotten stoned before

    besides im sure one dude looked at the other and was like "hey im stoned", and the other was probably like me too, lets go get some cafeteria and make a bong in the art class"

    they got sick my ass, they just didnt want to admit 19 damn ass teachers ate some random muffins and got stoned

    sounds media brainwash to make 19 teachers getting ripped offa muffin which would be awesome right noe cause im losing my buzz a bad thing cause they all probably liked it
  14. haha, weapons of mass destruction

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