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  1. k so my friend picks me and my other buddy up to go to walmart to get some supplies for a school project. we had some heddies left over (20 bag) and decided to bc. On the way there one bowl fucks us. We reach walmart fine and we head to the cotton ball section. We get there fine, and when we got there my friend remembered he hurt his hand. He punched my friend in the arm jokingly and it really hurt his hand. So he started making us feel his hand bones move wierdly and he starting saying weird things. We decide to not buy them and just go get some food in the front. We get to the front, go through the line, and get a soda. Mean while the driver goes off to subway (in the store) and get a sub.

    We are walking over and my buddy said he was feelin woozy and just took a digger fast first into the ground. Everyone stops and stares and looks at me and each other thinking "wtf is this kid ok? you gunna call help? or should i?" and i was worried, my other friend thought he was pranking us (but we made a rule before that you can NOT break, one that you would NEVER pull pranks that are serious *such as saying any police code word or faking an injury or sickness) so i knew he was serious, and i started panicking. I reached quickly down to him and got him to sit up and when he opened his eyes he didnt kno he was on the ground he said "dude what are you doing lets go to the car" and he would get up and walk 15 feet, so we think he is all right. Well my friend (dick head for this) didnt care and went back to get his sub. I was worried as fuck and my heart started racing.

    I had to stop and think to myself like i would do on a shroom trip "I am fine. This is all in my head and i controll all of it." so my heart calms down and my friend stops walking randomly. I get behind him and hold him in my arms and try and get him to keep walking (wtf man people staring and we're not in a good position here) and he just puts all his weight into me, and i barely can hold on to him as he hits the ground. this woman gets up and starts going to get help but i tell her im taking him to the hospital myself he is just having a migraine attack and is passing out from the pain (i did not want to call help unless i thought he was in danger, and i knew that he hadnt eaten or drank anything since lunch, 8 hours ago. and gone through a tough baseball practice with me in the heat of mid day. I knew he was dehydrated and he can't take the heddies atm) so i managed to get him to get up, by just saying "come on man this isnt cool are you ok" and he looks at me again and says "Dude lets go to the car what are you waiting for" like nothing happened.

    Rinse and repeat the falling down and convorsation 4 times, and we make it to the bench outside. My queer cockmaggot friend getting the dinner was still inside, ordering his damn sub, while my other friend is outside having a panic attack on the bench from dehydration and feeling a sharp pain. so we are sitting there when this dude gets on his cell near us and 5 mins later the 5-0 pulls up and right past us. Finally the kid inside gets his car and comes over. we get in the car, i made sure my friend was drinking water and stuff, cuz he started sweating like balls. So the driver finally finds out it was serious, and we decide if he passed out again we are taking him to the ER and taking our punishments cuz our friend was in danger. But my friend seems to come to it a little bit and we try to make our way home. The driver was blazed as fuck and was being a dumb ass a little bit.

    He was eating a sub, and speeding. I told him to slow down (buzz kill from my friend) and he was getting mad at me, even tho we made another rule between us to never speed and always care about your passenger more than yourself. my friend goes off the road and almost hits a telephone pole (20 feet away, too damn close for being baked). And he finally pays attention and just drives, but still speeds. We finally make it home and drop everyone off, the pass out kid doesnt remember shit, and he is feeling all better. Typed this up to show him in the morning. Its moments like these that make me question why i smoke. It can be extremely dangerous. No more bc for me. and strong strains = stay home.

    p.s. sorry if this is too long, or if its not in the right forum. not too sober atm.

    thanks for reading.

    ~any comments on why he may have passed out like that? The heddies were one big nug, very sticky and kinda purply. and yes i think its dehydration too but never know.
  2. dehydration is the only thing i could come up with. I have no idea what happened
  3. I never, ever go out in public when I'm high. I've just had some uncomfortable experiences, and it's not worth it to get some fattening snack from the corner store.

    It sounds like your friend was passing out, several times in a row. It was probably from severe dehydration, which is more dangerous than going out while high, my friend.

    Take this as a teeny lesson that one scary situation is enough to make you stay the fuck home!
  4. That's some scary shit. Aside from dehydration and external problems (like getting a spiked drink eariler in the day), was he smoking the sam bud as you? I don't go out in public when I'm high, it's too dangerous.
  5. Could definetly be dehydration man.. either way I smoke chronic and go into public all the time. not driving or whatnot, but I always always have drops with me, and can maintain even when out of my head, so s'all good. Tell your friend if he experiences a repeated attack to call an ambulence. He might try to get himself to the hospital and will wind up passing out on the way to the car and hurting himself badly, or passing out while driving and killing himself and others. You were a pal today
  6. I love to go around town high....I just never carry anything on me. What are they gonna do....arrest me for thinking I'm high. I'm not carryin any weed or paraphenalia. Fuck tha police
  7. yea herb, i will make sure that if he is by himself and has an attack like this to call an ambulance.

    *edit: fix name typo
  8. something simmaler to what your friend experienced happened to me once, turned out it was my bloodsugar level, im not diabetic, but hadn't eaten all day. i almost passed out, but pounded a mcdonalds ice cream and instantly felt better, i wouldn't be surprised if this is what your friend had.
  9. my biggest hate is when people drive like assholes when they are high or even when driving with shit on them, MAJOR buzzkill.
  10. Thats lame man, hope your buddy is ok.
  11. *sometimes* i get nauseated when riding in a car if im VERY high. might not be it, but im stoned and it sounds like a possible reason. cool story, as scary as it is, youll have a hard time forgetting something like this.
  12. Ive been in a car with alcohol alot of weed, two scales, some coke and my friend was going like 110 it was dumb as hell.
  13. I got no problem drivin around with shit on me as long as I'm driving. I always drive really safe and cautious and never speed or swurve when Im driving high(or sober really)
  14. you got some crazy slang dawg
  15. Well i am almost positive that, that was dehydration or low blood sugar, had the same thing happen to me, but it got so bad i was chucking buckets for quite some time.
  16. That sounds like some motion sickness to me. Its probably caused by being high though. do you usually feel anything a little different with your head like dizzyness, or like trouble balancing?

    Back to the first post. Damn man, that fuckin sucks, it sounds like a bad case of dehydration. That sucks that the driver was being a total douche when you're freakin out about your buddy. I don't think it was the weed that caused it, like you said, it was probably the baseball practice.
  17. Thats the shit that aint no joke... I was on the train and I was dehydrated and I started feeling sick so I tried to sleep and I just kept feeling sicker and sicker. People started noticing that I was really pale and my brother kept asking me what was wrong but all I was saying was "i dont feel good". Then I started losing my vision and I was like "joey man I'm going blind" but he didnt really take me seriously... So finally when I turned completely pale and could hardly see, and everybody on the train was asking if I was alright and this mexican family was like "thats what happens when u smoke to much", we get off the train and we're on the subway. Its underground and I can see a little bit in the center of my vision but around that it was completely black and purple dots. They were like squares it was really weird. So then my brother is trying to tell my friends that he needs to take me home and my friend keeps saying that I should go to chipotle and drink some water and then we will figure out what to do. So thank god for my friend cause I would not have made it home. We start exiting the subway and as we get closer and closer to the street and light is in view my vision starts turning from almost blind with black and purple to completely blind with white. So right now I feel terrible, like I'm going to die, and I can't see a thing. I still have no idea exactly where we were but I remember getting out of the subway and asking for assistance with walking since I was completely blind. We get to a cross walk and we wait and the light changes and I ask my brother to help me walk and what does he do? He fucking takes off across the street without me. So I'm literally standing in the middle of the downtown area of a large city saying shit outloud like "Joey please help me walk across the street I can't see anything I'm blind" and not getting a response, so I'm getting really scared. I wasnt even thinking of the looks people must have been giving me, and I had almost come to terms with the fact that I may never be able to see again. Finally my friend guides me across the street and we get into chipotle and its darker and I still can't see but I can kinda make out where objects are and my friends help me sit down and get me a glass of water. I drank that shit fast as hell. I got my vision back after drinking the water and started feeling better but it was still a terrible experience. I just remember thinking that I wish I had never smoked and I wished I wasn't high but there wasnt a thing I could do. So that was the 4th of July and we went to the fireworks and I just kept drinking water, I bought like 3 bottled waters and drank my friends waters and I kept feeling like I was going to go blind again or get sick and it was just the shittiest feeling ever. Needless to say I still get very paranoid everytime I smoke and drink a shitload of water. Sometimes I don't get paranoid if I'm not thinking about it but if it crosses my mind just for a split second I'm pretty much fucked and I feel like shit cause of paranoya for the rest of the high.

  18. My Dad has diabetes and he has to eat something sweet if he smokes - he says it makes his bloodsugar dip.
  19. I heart paragraphs
  20. dehydration for sure, i know by personal experience, it really sucks when its hot and your that dehydrated, i always carry a drink with me if im really fucked up (water usually) or even a monster mmm

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