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OMG today was my first time having a panic attack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by saugapot, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. So ive been smoking for a while now and have never had a bad trip. I got some Purple Kush rolled it up and went outside. When i got back in everything was going good i sat down on my computer then i got up to go get something to eat. As i got up i cud feel the blood rushing to my head and i got down and layed on the ground for some reason. The whole time i was really scared until i put on some teletoons and it went away. But those 10 min of paranoia were extremely frightening. Has this ever happened to you ???????????
  2. Ah, the wonders of getting high those first few times.
    That's what It sounds like to me.
    But, I'm no doctor, go to web m.d. they are a little less ill-informed than us..but probably still misinformed.
  3. No i mean ive been toking for about 5 years now

  4. paranoid about what tho? i really dont get it...
  5. Blood pressure could be spiking or maybe your blood sugar is low.. Just have a full stomach, take your vitamins (including omega 3!!!!!) and drink plenty of water.. if you are still getting light headed off the herb, lay off it for a few and try again.. if its STILL like that, see a doctor because it could be something far worse.

    But in 90% of the cases its in your head, or its something as simple as dehydration/blood pressure. :wave::wave:

  6. Or it was the weed.
  7. Sounds like you got highhh.... I mean HIGHHHH.

    In a few years, you'll wish you could get that high again! :smoking:

  8. About everything !!! about dying for the first 5 min then just about the world. And i couldnt see clearly. OMG but it turned out better after
  9. It happens to me whenever I smoke alone. I sudgest adding a friend or 2 in your circle next time. Or maybe you were worried about something and the weed made it worse.

  10. This is not a "getting high for the first time" type of thing.

    I get panic attacks too o.p. I've been smoking for about 16 years now, and have been getting panic attacks for the last 10. For some reason I started getting panic attacks after I had a bad trip off some unmentionables.. If I get too high my heart feels like its going to beat out of my chest, and sometimes I feel like blacking out because of a major head rush.

    So if you are like me, you might suffer from this the rest of your times getting high. My advice to you is to learn your tolerances. Whether it's with schwag or chronic, know that fine line between nice and baked, and oh fuck I think I might have a heart attack.

    From what I have researched, you wont die. It's just a scary experience, especially if you haven't felt this experience before. I have had numerous panic attacks over the past 10 years, and each one is just as scary as the first. But I can calm myself down by taking deep breaths. Or even breathing into a paper sack. Just concentrate on nothing but your breathing when this happens. It helps a lot.

    Good luck, man. :smoke:
  11. I had one a few weeks ago.

    Wasn't high.

    I came out of a counselling appointment after they cancelled my follow-up.

    Being in the fucked state that I am, I felt that no one wanted to help me.

    So I started freaking out in the middle of my campus and crying and I ran to sit on a picnic table bench in the middle of a field, calling all my loved ones since I had no idea what the fuck to do.

    It's scary shit. I never want to experience it again.
  12. You're tripping hard. The blood was rushing to your head because you were sitting, then you were standing. Science.
  13. Or you can just stop smoking weed.


  14. Ummm, sitting and then standing up doesn't make you have 10 minutes of extremely frightening paranoia.:laughing:
  15. Hypotension - PubMed Health

    if this occurs again you may wish to speak to your physician. There are simple tests they can do, such as taking your blood pressure when sitting, then standing, to determine if there is a need for further testing.:)

  16. What if you don't wanna quit? :rolleyes:
  17. If the OP does have hypotension, they he/she should start to eat a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains such as whole grain bread, brown rice, oats and legumes. He/she should also exercise.

    Eating small meals frequently may help reduce the amount of incidents of low blood pressure following your meals. Limit the amount of of carbohydrates you consume, such as potatoes, rice and pasta. These cause a sharp rise and fall in your blood sugar levels, which affect your blood pressure as well. Choose more fruits, vegetables and whole grains such as whole grain bread, brown rice, oats and legumes.
    Low blood pressure Exercise | Exercise to Rise Blood Pressure

  18. Then suffer with panic attacks :laughing:

  19. It's not suffering when you control them from happening. And if you do get one it doesn't last long enough for it to be so horrible you consider yourself "suffering"..

    It's weed, not crack :rolleyes:
  20. Anyone who uses OMG seriously hasn't been smoking for five years. Or they started when they were seven.

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