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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thccrystals, Oct 6, 2003.

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  1. lol i \'ve seen her show before! very blunt and up front. no shyness there:D!
  2. seen it before....:D

    ahhhhhh the wonders of digital cable........ :)

  3. bravo is the channel eh, some of it is a bit much for me. idk, don\'t care for that oz show. haven\'t given it an honest chance but don\'t really care to either. have any of u seen trailor park boys? i\'m sure that\'s what it\'s called. it\'s really badly done. but sometimes so stupid it\'s funny. fucked up show lol.

  4. yeah I have digital cable, that shit does rock man!
  5. OMG Trailor Park Boys is THE BEST SHOW!!! it\'s fuckin halairous!!! i love it. It\'s all about a bunch of pot heads and the stupid shit they do. Like one time they tried 2 sneak in 2 a concert through the sewers with like 200 joints strapped 2 them 2 sell. It\'s awesome!
  6. humm... well i didnt really get the concept of that.. i dont have sound still :mad: well what can i do?? mabey fix it.. ill do it tomarrow..

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