OMG this is hoorrriiible

Discussion in 'General' started by Tumble, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Watch NBC right now!!! its 8:20 EST ! its datline right now and its about counterfeit pills.. its horrible cause many people NEED their meds and alot of these counterfeits have NO active ingredients... WATCH !!
  2. fuck dateline
  3. ? why? dude this is a horrible story..
  4. that shows the opitamy of propoganda, get your information from a real source. Im not saying what their saying is wrong in this case, but 90% of the time it is skewed to some degree.

    Its entertainment. The news stopped being "news" decades ago
  5. yea i realize that.. like im not believing every thing by no means at all.. just the fact that there are lots of fake meds for things like ED, cholesterol, and blood pressure and stuff like that is just horrible
  6. i just viewed it.. they arrested ching ching
  7. Of course there are bull shit pills out there, the corparatons don't really caare about your health, they just want a stack of your cash
  8. wow ignorance...
  9. haha i was watching that drunk off my ass a few hours ago. They were saying the chinese peoples names and i kept mumbling to myself CHING CHONG CHOW CHING DONG
  10. lol.. i was crackingg up when they said " SHE EVEN SPELLED HER BOSS's NAME... L-O-U!" and they highlighted the name on the screen.

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