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    Ok guys this is going to be really long so bare with me! So yesterday my mom pretty much found out I was still smoking because she came up to me and saw my red eyes and long story short I was about to go on a tolerance break for a while, and so I could get clean in case they were to drug test me now. Anyways so I had .6 of some dank left and I didn't want to start my t-break without finishing this first. So im at home and I have literally nothing to smoke it out of! I wake up this morning and I am just walking around my house and I found this beauty lying on the shelf for decorations and stuff: Its like some old style mini hookah!

    I decided to try and spark some out of it after cleaning it thoroughly and see how it goes. I spark about .1 and im already so freaken high! (I'm a lightweight) So I decide to keep my .5 for later to spark when I have time to chill or maybe go out with some friends. So im in the kitchen and I am about to make some breakfast when my inner chef inside me comes out. Im high as a kite and I just whip up a freaken home made healthy pizza! I somehow managed to get some pictures of it step by step. I just took it out of the oven after like 25-30 minutes.

    1st: I took out some salsa (I didn't have pizza sauce I had to improvise) and some cheese and one pita naan (its a type of middle-eastern bread, to use as the base of the pizza)

    2nd: I put some tomato sauce on the naan and spread it and then added some cheese.

    3rd: I added something called keema( Its basically cooked chicken meat in a pakistani way) as a topping.

    4th: I added even more cheese!!! Lots of it!

    5th: I added the magic ingredient. Nice and grounded up dank! .5 of it. I spread it on the pizza, added a lot more of the cheese!, drizzled some olive oil over it! and then added even more cheese! and put it in the oven for about 25-30 minutes on 325-350. After that I took it out and I am about to eat it after letting it cool down for a while!

    I will let you guys know if I feel anything. Its going to be my first successful edible if it works! I cant wait!!!:D:D:D Here I go. Time to put on some chill music and get high as fuck.

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  2. .5 on a pizza isn't gonna do shit for you...

    Shoulda just smoked it
  3. What he said^ Need a good amount of buds for edibles, definitely way more then .5
  4. Nah im a really lightweight! I hope it hits me because I made a grilled weedcheese sandwich before with only like .2of some dank and I got a really strong body buzz which grew in intensity to a slight high for a couple hours!

    What about all those people who eat .5 cookies or brownie edibles and get high as shit?
  5. I know for a batch of brownies I use at LEAST 5.0 grams.

    And I don't just... throw it in there lol.

  6. I don't think so... as long as its dank he should be fine. I got absolutely RETARDED off a 1.0 of mids when I made firecrackers. I'm just not sure if there's enough fat in the cheese and oil on the pizza, but hopefully it'll work!

    Goodluck OP! Give us a report in a little bit.:smoke:
  7. nice idea but if your a light weight and .5 gets you high take like 5 grams make one of those edibles ... youll have fun.
  8. Thats when they make 'cannaoil' and the THC gets disolved into the oil...
  9. let us know mannnn ;)
  10. ......................
  11. So a single serving size of weed pizza with .5 DANK as my breakfast on an empty stomach for someone who is such a lightweight he can get stoned off of .1 dank for like hour and a half to two hours...wont get high off a .5 dank edible. Hmmm that would suck.
  12. Lol im sure the cheese and oil combined is plenty of fat and oil to absorb the THC. The cheese was an all-natural four cheese blend with like .5 grams saturated fat per serving, and the olive oil has plenty of healthy fat as well. Total I probably used like 4-5 servings of the cheese on the pizza so that's A lot of fat! Plus I drizzled a good amount of the olive oil all over the pizza to absorb even more.
  13. Ok so its been about 20 minutes since I ate the pizza! I could definately taste the weed in it, but the taste of all the other ingredients as well overpower the taste of the weed and it was actually pretty good! Im so stoned right now! I dont know if its still the .1 dank I smoked like over 1 hour ago still going strong or if its the pizza starting to kick in!
  14. The pizza looks fucking delicious even if it doesnt get you high!
  15. lol im high as fuck! success!:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  16. Keema? lmao
    I'm paki too bro .
  17. Lmao yea asad keema. Im still ptretty dam high too hahaha
  18. t break....bummer

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