OMG some crazy shit just happened!

Discussion in 'General' started by Blazed Italian, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Im high, just got done blazing. Im sitten here on GC readin some threads and bang. My alarm clock just turns on.

    Starts playin this song.

    me and you, and you and me
    no matter how you toss the dice it had to be
    so happy together ba ba ba
    so happy together ba ba ba
    so happy together ba ba ba

    The crazy shit was, i was think of quitin weed for certain reasons.
    Turns out those reasons are irrelenvent if i just tell everyone i know i quit and just smoke on my own terms nvr telling a soul. As far as they know i quit. i enjoy pot and keeping the right image to the public.

    some times marry jane just has a crazy way of lettin it tell you whats right and a crossroads in your life

    Thank you to pot and my fellow friends on GC, who i can have a social pot friendship with but at the same time nvr KNOW.

    THANKS I LOVE YOU ALL:smoke::wave::smoke:
  2. Hahaha, I love that song... :smoke:
  3. Thats pretty cool lol... Like a message from god.:p
  4. sounds like a freak coincidence if you ask me.....but you never did as me.
  5. yea seriously

    its got me thinkin serious

    for first time in my life
  6. Flo and Eddie FTW
  7. Italians smell bad.
  8. So unless I read your thread wrong, you are happy lying to everyone know about one of your hobbies?

    Get some yarbles my friend.
  9. this goes out to enevitable

    you cant trust people they are week. If i do something that can get my shit takin away i must be a ninja. dont you get it, i am the one with the marbles apparently you have nothing to lose. Your weak your boring your average, your just another stoner.:devious:
  10. Your grammar sucks
  11. agreed,
  12. i know, i am a speaker not a writer
  13. Okay then don't tell anyone you do anything because 'people are week' haha
  14. exactly, jesus, everyone is so critical of shit that does not concern them, i use this forum to vent and pick up on ideas and ask questions, not to study grammar
  15. ^^^Im pretty sure grammar will come in a lot of handy in these coming years...

    Gotta learn it sometime...
  16. Read a fucking book you ignorant fuck!!!

    HAHAHA, I'm just playing bro. Don't trip, I was JUST kidding. Anyways, def keep blazin and jus keep it on the DL. NO one else NEEDS to know anyways bro. Stay up homie.
  17. im on a forum, relax. grammar bitch
  18. If you are doing it to make sure you don't get busted, it's all good... But if it's because your friends rag on you, get new friends. You shouldn't be ashamed or have to hide that fact that you smoke weed. If they are really your friends, they will accept that fact that you do it, and all you have to do is not do it around them. If they really thought it was a problem, they would be showing thier concern in a way that is positive. Of course I don't know what they are saying, or if they are saying anything. Even so, if your friends are willing to get you busted or take all your shit, get new friends.
  19. I love when crazy shit like that happens. Sometimes when I'm high I'll watch a Simpsons episode that is completely relevent to my life, and I love when that happens.

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