Omg .. so scared haha..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by boredjim8, May 25, 2006.

  1. Okay so i took my adderal too late last night (seven oclock . .second dose of 30mg .. first one around 3) so 60mg not a ton but i didnt get much sleep woke up early and was like gonna smoke.. got shower and finshed by 630 (normaly i get up at 630 and finish at 642) ..

    so i had the time to do it.. and my parents dont come in my room 95% of the mornings.. and i lock door cause i just got 'out of shower and im changing go away' if they do..

    lol so im in middle of a rip

    and i ehale a lil goes in room cause im freakin out and i call out what and its my lil fuckin brother makin sure i got my shower b4 he gets his (cause he didnt hear me gettin it at 630) .. im still fuckin jittery form him
  2. Haha once in the middle of my rip my sister walks in and asks me where an iPod charger is and what that funny smell in my room is... :p
  3. that's some funny shit. it would really suck if someone knocked on my door right now man :)

  4. on the plus side at least he has the manners to knock, imagine if he didnt :eek:
  5. hahah thats funny stuff man. atleast it wasnt your parents :laughing:
  6. Haha the same shit happened to me. One day when I was on house arrest and not supposed to be tokin I was getting baked out my window and my mom knocked on the door and thought I was smoking tobacco because the weed was all old and resiny
  7. dude same thing but it was my mom! i was rippin my sherlock when the door opened. im so lucky she's on a walker right now so she couldnt walk all the way in. jesus i was jittery for an hour.

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