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OMG, so much +rep if u help me with this ASAP!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FYL, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. 105 Watt CFL Light Bulb - 400 W Equal - Warm White 2700K - 5U Lamp - Energy Miser FE-IIIB-105W/27K Light Bulb

    check that chit out mayn

    can i screw that chit in a regular light socket ?

    it doesnt ssay chit about a ballast that i can see...

    anyone know ?

    its 2700k , perfect for what its being used for.


    i just looked again ..
    and wow...
    these thinggs are fucking amazing.. but maybe im high.


    halp ?

  2. wow, slow down people, not toooo many replies at once please, you may crash the server !!!
  3. lol yeah man. I have a similar one.

  4. niiice dude.
    now im excited.

    is it cheaper/better to buy 1 105w CFL than a few smaller oness that add up to 105w?

    this will b for 1 plant
  5. im thinking about getting 2 of the 105w'rs
  6. The ballasts are built in. Its still better to spread your wattage around, instead of 1 bulb, such that you get more light distribution for you plant that just one side. 4 x 25w would be better than 1x100w because you four times the coverage, and so on.
  7. No they don't need a ballast. Just screw them in and away you go.

    As for light distribution you would be better getting a reflective hood.
  8. That statement is just wrong. Yes the ballast is in-built to the CFL Bulb, but in no way will 4x lower watted bulbs from somewhere like Home Depot will outperform a dedicated Bulb for growing plants. Yes 4x the coverage but less lumens, more heat, more wiring, less yeild. It's a no brainer really to get the bigger bulb.

    And yes because the bulb will have a screw end it can be placed into any normal light bulb socket. To get the best performance out of the bulb you will need to buy a reflector otherwise you will not get great results at all.

    Now where is my +Rep?? :p
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    I speak of the coverage you get with one bulb versus four. You get more with four. Yes there is more wiring, and their will be heat in either set up. As for more yeild from 1 bulb with no reflector? No. Your plant will have less surface area exposed to light vs. the four bulbs.

    OP here is a fun thread to help out with the CFL questions:

    CFLweasel's breakdown of how light works, CFL vs HID, and so much more...

    and for the poster above...
    (same thread as above)
    100 lumen less, but better light distribution over whole plant, more bud sites get more light, theoretically a better yield.
  10. off topic... that chick is fuckin hott.
  11. Lol brilliant!

    I still think when you see anyone's grows using multiple lower watted CFL bulbs turn out much worse than using a single Larger CFL. I watch loads of the youtube vids and just laugh so much, if your going to break the law at least make it worth your while. If your go for either option your best doing SCROG just to get as much as possible from the little you will have.

    Tbh if your only growing one, maybe an Aerogarden Pro 200 would be a good option, at least that way it's simple to use, and everything is built in and its Hydroponics which is fun :)
  12. Id would buy a 30-42 watt cfl ( more surface area lumen penetration) and use maybe 14-18 watt to supplement growth on either side of the plant. CFL.
  13. i set my friend up with a bulb like that from a local hardware store it was for a wobble light it said 85 w and was equal to 400

    it did not fit into a regular socket. we had to buy a larger one like one for a hps /mh but there cheap.
  14. Yes.....rep plz
  15. since when is it even possible to upload an animated gif :confused::confused::confused:

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    its not actually uploaded, its just linkied in his bio.

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