omg so hype about this blunt i just pearled

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by mbfm, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. i feel like this is such a masterpiece i had to take a picture and show people

  2. what kind of rillo is that?
  3. if you call that a nice blunt, you need to get your eyes check out...what the hell is that uncircumsized tip?
  4. gets a lil slim there... definitely seen better
  5. I didn't wanna be mean OP, but they can get alot better...try a white grape white owl, for some reason the white grape wraps are like a piece of thin leather. Easiest rillo to split by far, and easiest to roll with...and keep a perfectionist mindset when you roll. I take forever to roll a blunt, usually at least 10 min, but theyre always pretty damn nice
  6. Look at the bright side OP, it'll prob hit like a cannon.

  7. it is a vanilla dutch master
  8. Looks better than the ones my brother rolls, his always look like a triple prego stick.

  9. doesnt matter if i set it on fire right

  10. it's a gram

  11. hahahahaha ur kidding right
  12. :cool:

    btw i just smoked it
  13. Aslong as you enjoyed happy for you.
  14. Kidding about what?
    Ok, stick w/ the dutchies, just sayin they blow...

  15. you better be if you're not happy i'll fucking kill you

  16. indeed. blow is what they do :)
  17. Found a peach optimo lyin around (these SUCK to roll with btw), and Im out of weed so I just rolled the tobacco back up haha..

    Here's a real B..


    I'm callin' it right now..someone will hate on my paintbrush tip :cool:


  18. i like it its stylish
  19. Lol I like that pen, it says dealers, and the white girl on the table above the blunt and in the cracks... rofl
  20. <--- Hating on the paintbrush tip. I find if you give it a gentle twist at the tip in the direction of the roll that it holds the bud just fine and lights much better.

    Nice blunt though :D

    To both of you guys.

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