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OMG! No!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Ok, my old Shishkeberry AIM sn isn't working. So I completely lost my buddy list.

    Help me try and get it back...
    Everyone who used to IM me before, or anyone that wants to, please give me your AIM name again. Please?

    My new screen name if anyone needs it is HempressOfShish.
  2. Aww, that sucks Hempress! :( Look at it this way... It was time to prune that buddy list anyway, lol. :D
  3. lol, i have people's names on my buddy list that I haven't talked to in three years, maybe I should do the same

    anyway, i'll send you my IM sn in a pm Hempress, I don't think you had it before but there's no reason we can't talk :D
  4. im pretty stoned......sorry
  5. Hate it when you lose something with a list of people in it, ie my phone.

    The other week i lost my mobile phone with all my numbers and hookups in it, at least i had numbers elsewhere.

  6. I did that this summer. Totally sucked ass.
  7. 161317349.... thats my ICQ #, cause I don't have AIM
  8. you know mine;P check profile
  9. im pretty sure under Program Files\AOL\etc... there should be a file that is your buddylist, and you should be able to open up your new account, and in one of the options at the top of the screen, load a buddy list. i know its doable on msn... anyways, just fool around a bit, you should be able to load your old buddy list onto the new one, it was saved on your computer anyways, its gotta be somewhere eh?

  10. you are correct.... :D

    an we never really talked but mines in my prof too,.haha
  11. you could try un-installing, then re-downloading and re-installing AIM. set it up like normal with your old SN and password... if it's just a problem with the program this should fix it... you're BL will come up automatically, like if you were upgrading the software. but if it's a problem on AOL's side this probably won't work...

    either way... my SN's in my profile :D

  12. It's actually an AOL problem. Shishkeberry was my AOL account sn, and they terminated our account, so they won't let me use it for AIM anymore.
  13. I haven't talked to you before, but I could always use the company! My AIM is in the profile.
  14. go to and download trillian

    it's a program that can connect to aim, icq, irc, yahoo messenger, and other things

    once you have it installed put in your name (shishkebarry) when it prompts you for an aim account, if you're lucky trillian will be able to access it even though your aol acount is closed

  15. AOHELL = ass gobblins :D

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